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  1. What system is the main system that secretes hormones
    Endocrine System
  2. What system provides an outer covering of the body?
    Integumentary system
  3. What system produces gametes (eggs and sperm)
    Reproductive system
  4. What system stimulates muscle to contract and interprets information from sensory organs
    Nervous system
  5. What system provides a framework and support for soft tissues and produces blood cells in red marrow
    Skeletal system
  6. What system exchanges gases between air and blood
    Respiratory system
  7. What system transports excess fluid from tissues to blood
    Lymphatic system
  8. What system have movements via contractions and creates most body heat
    Muscular system
  9. What system removes liquid and waste from blood and transports them to the outside body
    Urinary system
  10. What system converts food molecules into absorbable forms
    Digestive system
  11. What system transports nutrients, wastes, and gases throughout the body
    Cardiovascular system
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