1st comm tech test

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  1. 3 parts of video camera?
    • camera
    • VCR
    • viewfinder
  2. the lens is comparable to the ?
    human eye
  3. lens?
    curved glass that focuses light onto a specific area
  4. iris?
    controls the amount of light allowed into the lens
  5. moves the lens so it aims the light beams coming from that object precisely on the CCD?
  6. good to use when there is a lot of movement of dominant figures
    Manual focus
  7. uses an infrared beam that bounces off objects int he center of the frame and comes back to a sensor on the camcorder
  8. Zoom controls?
    focus length and is the distance between the lends and the CCD
  9. T?
  10. W?
  11. CCD?
    • charged-coupled device
    • produces an electrical charge based on the amount of light that each tiny area of the CCD recieves
  12. where the camera takes a few seconds to get up to recording speed?
  13. a tiny monitor on the camera that allows you to see what the camer sees
  14. the function which gives the camera a reference to true white
    white balance
  15. how close the object seems to the viewer of how much of the scenery in front of you is in the shot
    field of view
  16. LS?
    • Long shot
    • aka full shot
    • framed up head to toe
  17. CU?
    • close up
    • head and shoulders
  18. ELS?
    • extreme long shot
    • anything zoomed at more than a long shot
  19. ECU?
    • extreme close-up
    • anything closer than a close up
  20. MS?
    • medium shot
    • waist shot
  21. Bust shot?
    waist to head
  22. Knee shot?
    frames the subject from just above the knees
  23. two-shot?
    two people in the frame
  24. three shot?
    3 people in the frame
  25. O/S?
    • over the shoulder shot
    • camera looks at someone over the shoulder
    • *near person
  26. X/S?
    • Cross Shot
    • someone who is not looking at the camera
    • comes from an angle
  27. horizontal camera movement in which the camera moves left and right about a central axis
  28. vertical camera movement where the camera points up or down from a stationary location
  29. moving the camera vertically w/respect to the subject
    stays in same position, but tilts up and down
  30. side to side camera movement with respect to the action
  31. in and out movement that travels along tracks
  32. the camera moves closer/farther from the subject while adjusting the zoom angle to keep the subject the same size
    • dolly zoom
    • **creates an unnatural effect
  33. the camera _______ the subject of action
  34. headroom?
    having enough space above the head
  35. noseroom/leadroom?
    when your looking or pointing to one side of the other and you frame the person to the opp side
  36. closure?
    minds fill in info that we cant see on screen
  37. the accurate transfer of information from a sender to a receiver
  38. Verbal?
    • talking
    • noises
    • writing
  39. Nonverbal?
    • gestures
    • body language
    • eye contact
  40. personal?
    • communicating with 1 other person or yourself.
    • ex.phone, email, v-chat, letters/mail, IM, texting
  41. mass communication?
    • communicating with 1 other person or yourself.
    • ex.) phone, email, v-chat, letters/mail, IM, texting
  42. 5 forms of communication?
    • Inform
    • Entertainment
    • Education
    • Persuade
    • Control
  43. 5 steps of communication?
    • Encode
    • Transmit
    • Channel
    • Receive
    • Decode
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