Science Vocab.

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  1. static electricity
    -an imbalance of positive or negative charges.
  2. electric current
    -an electric charge in motion
  3. resistance
    -a quality of a material that does not allow electric charge to easily flow through it

    -material does not let electric current flow easily through it
  4. series circuit
    -a simple circuit in which an electric charge can only flow in one path

    -if one of the bulbs are out, all go out
  5. parallel circuit
    -has two or more paths in which an electric charge can flow
  6. energy source
    -power that makes the electric charge flows
  7. means of energy transfer
    -the path through which the electric charge flows
  8. resistor
    -a coiled wire inside the light bulb made of a material with high resistance
  9. insulated wire
    -copper wire is insulted with plastic prevents electrical charges from touching other wires
  10. switch
    -the circuit is closed when the switch is closed. Electric charge can flow without stopping.
  11. magnetism
    -force that pushes or pulls magnetic materials that are near a magnet
  12. magnetic field
    -the invisible field around a magnet

    -strongest at it's ends or poles
  13. electromagnet
    -a coil of wire wrapped around an iron core that can transform electrical energy into magnetic energy

    -helps convert electric magnetic to mechanical energy

    -the strength of an electromagnet can be increased by using more turns in the metal coil
  14. good conductor
    -copper for a closed circuit
  15. insulator
    -a material that conducts electric current poorly
  16. Michael Faraday
    -shares his invention; a flashlight without batteries
  17. electric energy
    -when a coil wire is spun around a magnet, it creates electric energy
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