health Chapter 3 Review

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  1. How many servings of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta should we have a day.
  2. Dark Green and yellow veggies provide what combination to your diet
    -Folic Acid, magnesium, zink, and fiber
    -fiber, carbohydrates, vitaminB, B6, iron
    -protien, riboflavin, Vitamin A, B6, B12
    -protien, phosphorus, and niacin
    Folic acid, magnesium, zink, fiber
  3. What is a sering of dairy group
    8 fluid oz. of milk
  4. Acord to book, if children learn healthy eating habits by what age will they be more likly carry over into adulthood.
  5. at what age does your metabolism begin to slow down
  6. what is a calorie
    unit of heat the body uses for energy
  7. What is the daily recomended amount of fiber we should get
    25-35 grams
  8. About how many pounds of sugar does the average american eat a year
    130 pounds a year
  9. Acorrding to the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the national cance institude people should not exceed what percentage of fat in thier diet,
  10. Generally your body needs how many glasses of fluid (water) a day?
    7-10, 8 oz glasses
  11. ______ is the assumed percent for the non-pregnant adult
  12. _______ is thought to slow down osteoporosis
    Vitamin D
  13. _______ is valuable for those not eating a well balanced and varied diet
  14. Vitamins
    An organic substance needed to regulate and coordinate functions of the body
  15. Foods that have vitamins or minerals added are ______
  16. _________ is thought to aid in the prevention of cancer
    Vitamin C
  17. Minerals
    an inorganic substances essential for your body
  18. Good cholestrol is called _________
  19. ________ tends to increase colestrol levels
    saturated fat
  20. _____________ is considered bad cholestrol
  21. ________are starches that are broken down by the body into two or more sugars
    Complex carbohydrates
  22. The chief component of every protein is ________
    amino acids
  23. What are 6 main types of nutrients
    • -proteins
    • -carbohydrates
    • -fats
    • -vitamins
    • -minerals
    • -water
  24. Why is making wise food choices hard
    • -lables are confusing
    • -easy acsess to unhealthy food
    • -Dont always taste as good
  25. What are 3 nutrients that are essential but give body no calories or energy
    • -water
    • -vitamins
    • -minerals
  26. The body turns carbohydrates into a type of sugar called _________
  27. Fats are essential to the body because (6 reasons)
    • -growth and repair
    • -maintain body temp
    • -cusion vital organs
    • -insulation
    • -keep skin from becoming dry and flaky
    • -manufacture of certain hormones
  28. What is the only source of nitrogen for your body
  29. _______ is a chain of fatty acids
  30. ____________ tends to increase blood cholestrol levels
    saturated fat
  31. _________ is a waxy substance carried around in the bloodstream by lipoprotiens.
  32. __________ do not tend to elevate cholestrol levels
    unsaturated fat
  33. According to food pyrimid how many servings of Grains should a person get a day
  34. According to food pyrimid how many servings of meat should a person get a day
  35. According to food pyrimid how many servings of fruit should a person get a day
  36. According to food pyrimid how many servings of vegtables should a person get a day
  37. According to food pyrimid how many servings of dairy should a person get a day
  38. According to food pyrimid how many servings of fats and oils should a person get a day
    only a sparing amount
  39. What is your basal metabolism
    the ability to use energy at a higher rate when your body is at rest
  40. List the steps in perscription for good nutrition
    • -Eat a variety of foods
    • -Maintain ideal weight
    • -Use exercise to keep metabolism high
    • -Increase dietary fiber to 25-35 grams a day
    • -eat less sugar
    • -eat less sodium
    • -eat less fat
    • -Avoid alcohal and smoking
    • -drink plenty of water
    • -Avoid eating while under stress
  41. _______ is a hormoned released from the pancreas to regulate the sugar in the body
  42. ________ is the source of calories that come from fat in the diet.
    Fat calories
  43. ________ self induced starvation resulting in extreme weight loss and characterized by a fear of gaining weight and becoming fat.
  44. Bulimia
    • bulimia
    • pattern of bingeing and followed by self-induced vomitting or laxative abuse with or without weight loss
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