WS II.10

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  1. asylum
    n. a mental hospital or similar institution; refuge; a place of safety
  2. atone
    v. to make amends
  3. atrophy
    v. to wither away; to decline from disuse
  4. attest
    v. to give proof of; to declare to be true or correct; to give testimony
  5. attribute
    v. to credit to or assign; to ascribe
  6. augur
    v. to serve as an omen or be a sign; to predict or foretell
  7. august
    adj. inspiring admiration or awe
  8. auspices
    n. protection; support; sponsorship
  9. auxillary
    adj. secondary; additional; giving assistance or aid
  10. avail
    v. to help; to be of use; to serve
  11. avant-garde
    n. the vanguard; members of a group. especially of a literary or artistic one, who are at the cutting edge of their field
  12. aversion
    n. a strong feeling of dislike
  13. avert
    v. to turn away; to prevent
  14. avid
    adj. eager; enthusiastic
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