WS II.12

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  1. bedlam
    n. noisy uproar and chaos; a place characterized by noisy uproar and chaos
  2. begrudge
    v. to envy another's possession or enjoyment of something; to be reluctant to give, or to give grudgingly
  3. behest
    n. command; order
  4. bemoan
    v. to mourn about; to lament
  5. benediction
    n. a blessing; an utterance of good wishes
  6. benighted
    adj. ignorant; unenlightned
  7. bestow
    v. to present as a gift; to confer
  8. bilious
    adj. ill-tempered; cranky
  9. bivouac
    n. a temporary encampment, especially of soldiers
  10. blanch
    v. to turn pale; to cause to turn pale
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