Favoring States

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  1. 104th congress
    constitutional caucus: 100 members trying to scale back fed power
  2. 10th amendment
    powers not given to fed reserved for states
  3. articles of confederation
    • weak central gov
    • no executive
    • can't enforce tax or raise army
  4. CA constitution
    broader protection of civil rights than federal; distrust of elected officials as reaction to Reagan; amended over 500 times
  5. election of reagan
    reagan federalism: gradual return to power of states
  6. SLFAA
    • $ to states
    • formula bases
    • increase fed power too???
  7. Kentucky and VA resolutions
    nullification of fed law by states
  8. Women voting in Wyoming
    broader rights than fed protection
  9. printz v. US
    state cannot be mandated by Fed Gov to perform duties temporarily (Brady Bill handgun act -- background checks on gun purchasers)
  10. US v. Lopez
    Fed Gov can’t criminalize gun possession and regulate as economic activity
  11. Alden v. Maine
    • Congress may not use its powers to repeal a state's sovereign immunity from private suits in its own courts
    • 11th amendment: States are immune from suits
    • in their own courts
  12. Cabell v. Chavez-Salido
    uphold state law exempting aliens from strict scrutiny equal protection as probation officers because they hold power over the individual
  13. Dred Scott v. Sanford
    slaves not citizens (if slave in one state, can't be free in another -- original state law rules)
  14. Federal Maritime Commission v. South Carolina Ports Authority
    state's immunity (b/c complaint is against something state run)
  15. Hoke v. US
    Congress cannot regulate prostitution per se – states sovereignty
  16. Palko v. CT
    Double jeopardy not a fundamental right
  17. Plessy v. Ferguson
    separate but equal
  18. US v. Morrison
    DEA coopting interview -- 6th amendment (right to counsel) not violated
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