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  1. Define Inference
    An educated guess on whats going to happen next based on already made facts
  2. Define Protagonist
  3. Define Antagonist
    BAD GUY:(
  4. Define Foil
    Secondary Character that contrasts with main character
  5. Define Character Development
    The change that the character undergoes as the story proceeds
  6. Define Flat Character
    Easily Recognized?
  7. Define Round Character
    The exciting character
  8. Define Static Character
    Character that has little or no change in the story
  9. Define Dynamic Character
    Character that undergoes a signifigant change
  10. Define Setting
    The place where a story happens
  11. Define first person point of view
    Story is narrated by a character one at a time
  12. Define 3rd person omniscient POV
    • Third-person omniscient point of view
    • maintains the omniscient narrator's viewpoint throughout the
    • piece, by contrast with the third-person limited point
    • of view
  13. External Conflict
    Examples: human vs. human; human vs society; human vs nature; human vs supernatural; human vs technology; group vs group.
  14. Internal Conflict
    In literature, an internal conflict with the protagonist takes place within the character's mind.
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