10/17/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 209

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  1. agglutination
    is a process of cells clumping together
  2. anaphylaxis
    is an allergic reaction characterized by a rapid decrease in blood pressure
  3. aneurysm
    refers to weakness in the vessel wall that balloons and eventually bursts
  4. angina pectoris
    is severe pain and constriction about the heart caused by an insufficient supply of oxygenated blood in the heart
  5. arterioles
    are small arteries
  6. arteriosclerosis
    is a disease characterized by abnormal hardening of arteries
  7. capillaries
    are the smallest vessels of the circulatory system
  8. cardiomegaly
    means enlarged heart
  9. desiccated
    means dried thoroughly; rendered free from moisture
  10. diastole
    refers to relaxation phase of heart
  11. ECG
    is a record of the electrical impulses of the heart
  12. hemangioma
    is a tumor composed of blood vessels
  13. malaise
    means a vague feeling of the bodily discomfort, which may be the first indication of an infection or disease
  14. MI
    is necrosis of an area of muscular heart tissue after cessation of blood supply
  15. myocardium
    refers to muscular layer of heart
  16. pacemaker
    maintains primary responsibility for initiating the heartbeat
  17. phagocyte
    is a cell that engulfs and digests cellular debris
  18. systole
    refers to contraction phase heart
  19. tachyphagia
    means rapid eating or swallowing
  20. tachypnea
    means rapid breathing
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