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  1. Normal reporting time for an ASAP report is 24 hours. What should you do if you are unable to submit the online report within this time frame?

    a. Submit an FCIR within 7 days because this substitutes for an ASAP Report
    b. Send an email to you Chief Pilot within 48 hours
    c. Call or email the Safety Department to let them know that you will be submitting on whichever event you had
    d. Dial a friend
  2. Before accepting a reroute vea a Coded Departure Route, the PIC must...

    a. Ensure all checklists and flows are completed
    b. Contact Clearance Delivery to ensure adequate fuel is onboard
    c. Verify that the modified MIN T/O fuel listed in teh CDR can be met prior to takeoff
    d. Pompt the FO to contact Dispatch prior to recieving the reroute
  3. The Flag/Overwater Operations checklist from Chapter 8 of the FOM serves as a

    a. Required document to be referenced for all Class II Nav Flights
    b. Replacement for a good working knowledge of policies and procedures
    c. Useful tool/ memory jogger to ensure the appropriate steps are completed prior to and during flag and overwater operations
    d. Substitute for the QRH "Oceanic Porcedures" Checklist
  4. When nust an updated Nav Log be kept to comply with fuel monitoring and FOM flag fuidance?

    a. Only if signigicant differences (as listed in the QRH) occur from the planned information
    b. Fot the emtire routing when conducting International flights
    c. The Nav Log is only required to be completed when operating to a flag destination
    d. Whenever the aircraft will enter Class II airspace at anytime during the flight.
  5. Once airborn, if forcasted or actual conditions at the ETP Alternte no longer meet landing minima, the flight may continue on its original routing as long as it remains an "adequate" airport

    a. True
    b. False
  6. Prior to crossing a Flight Imformation Region (FIR) boundary, the crew must

    a. Remain on the current frequency and wait for a radar handoff
    b. Utilize the position reporting criteria and contact the next sector upon crossing the FIR boundary
    c. Comply with the appropriate procedures asa specified in the "Ball Notes" prior to entering the next sector
    d. Monitor the specific country's AIRINC for your access code
  7. When can ICAO Lost Communications Procedures be Fond?

    a. Under the Lost Comm section in the index of the jeppsen enroute charts
    b. In the Emergency Section of tyhe JEPP Manuals (or in the JAM)
    c. The Additional Procedures section of the QRH lists ICAO lost communication procedures
    d. Lost Comm procedures for Intermational operations arre only found in the FOM
  8. Where can information for specific rules governing operations within a country's airspace be found?

    a. In the JAM, located in jbdocs under Manual Supplemets/ Jeppesen Manuals/ Jeppesen Administrative Manual (JAM)
    b. The Foreign Country Rules Section of the ABG contains this inprtant information
    c. The additional Porcedures section of the QRH has a reference list for specific rule in foreign airspace
    d. The Remarks Section of the Dispatck release well have all the information the crew will need regarding foreign rules
  9. How is MedLink contacted during flight?

    a. The Flight Crew must have ATC relay informatin on the Medical Evaluation Form to Medlink
    b. The Flight Crew must send an ACARS message to Dispatch requesting medical assistance for the flight
    c. The Flight Crew should call ARINC from the frequency listed in the JEPPs or the ABG and request a phone patch to Medlink
    d. The flight Crew must call Medlink directly on their dedicated VHF frequency
  10. The MedLink Evaluation Checklist should be given to the flightcrew by

    a. Opening the flight deck door and an Inflight Crewmember hading the form directly to the Captaim
    b. The FO liaving the flight deck momentarily to collect the important checklist from the Flight Attendants
    c. Verbally reaking the information over the interphone system
    d. Sliding the checklist under (or over) the flight deck door
  11. A FCIR is required when there is

    a. an injury to crew
    b. An injury to a customer
    c. A serious illness of a customer
    d. All answers are correct
  12. What action is required be the Flight Crew if a Portable Oxygen Bottle (POB) is used during a flight?

    a. The flight Crew should verify if sufficient oxygen remains for subsequent flights and notify maintenance ony if below 1500psi
    b. An aircraft maintenance logbook entry must be made.
    c. No flight Crew action is required; Inflight will address the issue
    d. No Flight Crew action is required; only one POB is required
  13. What action is required by the Flight Crew if the Emergency Medical Kit is opened by an EMT (authorized by MedLink) and used to attend to a seriously ill Customer during a flight?

    a. The EMK should be inventoried to see what is missing and maintenace notified to replace the missing comtents
    b. Only an aircraft maitenance logbook entry must be made
    c. No flight Crew action is required
    d. The aircraft maintenance logbook will require and entery and the crew must fill out a flight crew Irregularity Report.
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