BIOL 1020

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  1. What are the 8 unifying themes in biology?
    • 1. Emergent Properties: New properties emerge at each level in the biological heirarchy.
    • 2. Environmental Interactions: Organisms interact with other organisms and the physical environment.
    • 3. Energy Transfer: Life requires energy transfer and transformation.
    • 4. Structure and Function: Structure and function are correlated at all levels of biological organization.
    • 5. Cellular Basis of Life: The cell is an organism's basic unit of structure and function.
    • 6. The Genetic Basis of Life: The continuity of life is based on heritable information in the form of DNA.
    • 7. Feedback Regulation: Feedback mechanisms regulate biological systems.
    • 8. Evolution: Evolution, the overarching theme of biology.
  2. What are the levels of biological organization, from smallest to largest? (10 items.)
    • Molecules
    • Organelles
    • Cells
    • Tissues
    • Organs & Organ Systems
    • Organism
    • Population
    • Community
    • Ecosystem
    • Biosphere
  3. What are the three domains of life?
    • Bacteria (prokaryotic)
    • Archaea (prokaryotic)
    • Eukarya (eukaryotic)
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