Appendicular Skeleton

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  1. rounded top portion, fits into glenoid cavity
    Humerus head
  2. under head, seperates humerus head from shaft.
    Anatomical neck
  3. under anatomical neck, common site of fractures
    Surgical neck
  4. opposite side of humerus head,
    Greater tubercles
  5. smaller side of humerus head
    Lesser tubercle
  6. midpoint of humerus shaft, roughened area
    Deltoid tuberosity
  7. side of deltoid tuberosity
    Radial groove
  8. looks like spool, articulates with ulna
  9. lateral side of trochlea, rounded. articulates with radius
  10. on side of trochlea
    Medial epicondyl
  11. on side of capitulum
    lateral epicondyl
  12. above trochlea on anterior view
    Coranoid fossa
  13. lateral to coranoid fossa, receives head of radius
    Radial fossa
  14. posterior view, above trochlea
    Olecranon fossa
  15. bone on forearm, smaller on top, larger on bottom
  16. bone of forearm, larger on top, smaller on bottom, has olecranon process
  17. disc shaped, on top of radius
    Radial Head
  18. just below radial head, medial aspect of shaft
    Radial tuberosity
  19. bottom of radius, larger end
    radial styloid process
  20. where radius articulates with ulna. between the radius and ulna
    ulnar notch
  21. top of ulna, rounded on posterior side
    Olecranon process
  22. seperates coranoid process and olecranon process
    trochlea notch
  23. anterior side, under trochlea notch
    Coranoid process
  24. bottom of ulna, smaller side.
    Head of ulna
  25. small outside edge of bottom of ulna head (side)
    ulna styloid process
  26. heaviest strongest bone
  27. ball like top of thigh bone
    femur head
  28. small central pit on top of femur head "pit of the head"
    fovea capititis
  29. to side of femur head on top
    greater trochanter
  30. below femur head on same side
    lesser trochanter
  31. line below greater trochanter
    Gluteal tuberosity
  32. below gluteal tuberosity mid shaft
    linea aspera
  33. posterior view, same side as greater trochanter, bottom of femur
    lateral condyl
  34. posterior view, same side as head of femur and lesser trochanter, at bottom of femur bone
    medial condyl
  35. same side of femur head, bottom of bone, side of medial condyl
    medial epicondyl
  36. same side as greater trochanter, bottom of femur, to side of lateral condyl
    lateral epicondyl
  37. above medial epicondyl
    adductor tubercle
  38. anterior view, middle of femur between epicondyls
    patellar surface
  39. big bone on lower leg
  40. small bone of lower leg
  41. top side of tibia, attached to fibula
    lateral condyl
  42. top side of tibia, side not attached to fibula
    medial condyl
  43. anterior view, below top of tibia
    tibial tuberosity
  44. bottom part of tibia, point
    medial malleolus
  45. bottom of fibula, point
    lateral malleolus
  46. top of fibula
    head of fibula
  47. forms the toes, 14 total, distal, middle, proximal
  48. for the instep of foot, 5 total 1-largest through 5-smallest
  49. for the posterior aspect of foot. 7 total
    top row and bottom row, from big toe to pinky
    • tarsals
    • top row-medial cuneiform, intermediate cuneiform, lateral cuniform, cuboid
    • bottom row-navicular, talus
    • back of foot-calcaneous
  50. form the fingers, 14 total distal, middle, proximal, thumb only has two-distal and proximal
  51. form the palm, from the thumb to pinky, 5 total
  52. form the wrist, two rows.
    from thumb to pinky
    • carpals
    • top row-scaphoid, lunate, triquetral, pisform
    • bottom row-trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate
  53. enlarged roughened end of the spine of the scapula
  54. beaklike, points anteriorly over the tip of shoulder joint
    coracoid process
  55. at the base of the coracoid process
    suprascapular notch
  56. shallow socket that receives head of arm bone
    glenoid cavity
  57. anterior view, lower part of scapula
    subscapular fossa
  58. posterior view, under spine of scapula.
    infraspinous fossa
  59. posterior view, above spine of scapula
    supraspinous fossa
  60. collar bone
  61. rounded or triangular end of clavicle
    sternal end
  62. flattened end of clavicle
    acromial end
  63. side of pelvis, made of illum and ischium
    coxal bone
  64. large flaring bone, top part of pelvis
  65. superior margin of illium, top curve
    illiac crest
  66. "sitdown bone" bottom part of pelvis
  67. joint between illium and sacrum
    sacroiliac joint
  68. below illiac crest
    superior illiac spine
  69. above ischium and acetabulum
    inferior iliac spine
  70. receives head of femur, socket-below pubic bone
  71. bottom joint of pelvis, right in the middle
    pubic symphysis
  72. top part of ischium, behind acetabulum
    superior ramus of pubis
  73. forms a bar of bone enclosing obturator foramen, bottom part of ischium, close to point, under acetabulum
    inferior ramus of pubis
  74. hole at bottom of pelvis, total 2, each side
    obturator foramen
  75. lowest part of ischium, forms part of bar for obturator foramen
    ischial ramus
  76. between greater and lesser sciatic notch, point.
    ischial spine
  77. large smooth depression on front of illlium
    illiac fossa
  78. under ischial spine
    lesser sciatic notch
  79. lowest rounded part of ischium to the side of ischial ramus
    ischial tubeosity
  80. connects to sciatic joint, to the side of illiac fossa, over greater sciatic notch
    auricular surface
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