Forensics exam 2-3

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  1. What is Forensic Taphonomy?
    The study of the history of the body since death
  2. What does Taphonomy do? (3)
    • Estimates the time since death
    • Identifies the individual
    • Ability to determine cause/manner of death
  3. Taphonomic History includes (4)
    • Actual Death
    • Interval of bone exposure through soft tissue modification
    • Potential interval of bone modification
    • Point of discovery and collection
  4. What is Perimortem?
    The boundry between soft tissue modification and bone exposure, and interval in which bone is exposed to modifying agents such as soil and weather.
  5. What is Antemortem?
    Injuries prior to death, spiral fractures, defined by moisture content.
  6. Postmortem fractures
    Bone fractures occur after death, through decay or animals. Clean, brittle breaks, cross fracture.
  7. Soil Composition
    Changes vertically as well as horizontally.
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