CH 23

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  1. Principles of administration of parenteral medications
    • Parenteral medications include those that are injected by he intradermal, sbucutaneous, intramuscular, or intrevenouse routes
    • Roles and resposibilities of the nurese:
    • Invasive procedure
    • High potential for pahtoghesn - require strict sterile techniqued
    • Potential of tissue or vascular injury
  2. Appropriate sites for SC and IM ijnections
    • SC - Arms: outer posterior aspet of the upper arm. 2-3 fingers down from the axilla and 2-3 finger up from the elbow
    • Amboden: from below the ribs to the iliac crests, 2 inches away from ublelicus.
    • Alternative sites: upper buttocks below the waist, anterior aspect of thighs
    • IM Injection
    • Deltoid: put 4 fingers across deltoid muscle with top finger on the acromial process. Injections goes in the midline.
    • Ventraguluteal region: Locate gretor trochanter and put your wrist there, then with your middle finger locate iliac chrest and with index finger on the anterior posterios iliac spine. And the area of injection is the corner of the formed V.
    • Vastus Lateralis: Place one arm on a grator trochanter the other on the lateral femoral condyle(knee) Visualy deviding into three setions.
  3. Exapmles of SC and IM
    • SC - heparin and insulin injections
    • IM - vaccines
  4. when and why filter needles are used
    are used to trap glass fragments when drawing up medication from an ampula.
  5. Difference between drawing up medication from an ampula vs vial
    • withdrawing from ampula:
    • shake down the medication
    • Snap the top off with unwraped alohol wipe
    • Attach a filter needle to syrange
    • Leave the ampula on the table and carefully insert the needle
    • Withdraw all the medication + 0.2 of air
    • Replace the needdle
    • Remove bubbles and eject air until you get a drop at the top
    • Withdrawing from a Vial:
    • Inject air into the syrange the ammount of medicine
    • whipe clean the vial rubber and insert the needle and inject the air into it
    • then, turn upside down and withdraw medicine a little more than you need to , get all the air bubbles to the top than iject the extra and air back into the vial. Remove bubbles
    • Remove needle from the vial.
  6. Syranges and Needles used for SC and IM
    • Syranges: if 0.5 ml ordered use 1ml syrange
    • Above 0.5ml ordered use 3 ml syrange
    • if 3 ml ordered use 5 ml syrange
    • Needle for IM: Deltoid 1 in average, range 5/8 - 1 1/2 gauge 23-25
    • Ventrogluteal - 11/2 in. gauge: 21- 23 g.
    • Needles for SC: 3/8 - 5/8 in
    • guage: 25-27
  7. What parts of syringes that are considered wterile and why
    inside of the barrel, niddle tip, plunger, needle hub, shaft and bevel
  8. Documentation after administration of IM/SC
    chart the medication, time, dose, route given and signature.
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