CRCT Prep CH 4 - Antebellum Georgia

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  1. First state supported university ever chartered in the US?
    The University of Georgia
  2. The Baptists and Methodists became the two most influential religious groups in GA due to the reason that
    They were willing to use new methods to reach people along the frontier.
  3. What was the Yazoo Land Fraud and why did it upset Georgians.
    The Yazoo Land Fraud was an incident in GA's history in which the state legislature approved selling large portions of GA's western territory for roughly one cent per acre in exchange for bribes to government officials. It upset Georgians because they felt it was a dishonest and corrupt deal.
  4. How did the cotton gin effect GA?
    It made harvesting cotton more efficient and increased the state's dependence on the crop.
  5. Why were railroads so important to antebellum GA and how did they impact the state?
    GA's railroad lines were importnat because they allowed the state to ship products much more efficiently and avoid losing business to states like South Carolina. They impacted the state by giving GA the most sophisticated railroad system in the Deep South and by giving rise to the new city of Atlanta.
  6. The two main Native American tribes in GA
    Creek and Cherokee
  7. These two people were both Creek chiefs who played major roles in the tribes relations with the sate of GA.
    Alexander McGillivray and William McIntosh
  8. Which statement BEST describes a "land grant university," such as the University of Georgia?
    a. The land for the college was donated by the federal government.
    b. The land could be used for any purpose other than a college.
    c. The college was a public university with free tuition to state residents.
    d. The college was established as an agricultural college to improve farming.
  9. Who gave the tract of land that became the University of Georgia?
    Federal Government
  10. All the records from the Yazoo land fraud were burned in public in Georgia's capital city of
  11. Why was Louisville chosen as Georgia's capital in 1786?
    Louisville was more centrally located
  12. The First African Baptist Church in Georgia was established in 1788 under the leadership of Andrew Bryan in
  13. By 1860, the two largest church denominations in Georgia were
    Baptist and Methodist
  14. Which church sent circuit riders to frontier settlements to provide monthly services?
  15. The Methodist and Baptist churches split over permitting
  16. What was the purpose of the headright system in Georgia?
    It distributed Indian lands to new settlers.
  17. How many acres of land could the head of a family receive under the headright system?
    1,000 acres
  18. In the early 1800s, Georgia's policy of giving land to citizens through lotteries was meant to
    open the land to farmers.
  19. What scandal took place when Georgia's governor and some legislators were bribed to sell public land to private developers at below-market prices?
    The Yazoo Land Fraud
  20. Why did Georgia give up land claims in what is now Mississippi and Alabama?
    The federal government paid millions to settle the Yazoo land fraud and disputed Georgia's right to the land.
  21. How did Eli Whitney's invention influence the growth of slavery in the South?
    It increased the profits from growing cotton.
  22. What was invented in Georgia during the 1790s that quickly changed the state's agricultural landscape and led Georgia to develop an economy based on farming?
    The cotton gin.
  23. The chief cash crop in Georgia before the Civil War was
  24. The cotton gin was used to
    separate the seeds from the cotton fiber.
  25. Which mode of transportation was developing in Georgia just before the Civil War and was very important to Georgia's war effort and post-war economic development?
  26. Who was the Creek leader in the Oconee War between the Creek and the Georgia pioneers?
    Alexander McGillivray
  27. Why was William McIntosh, a Creek chief, murdered by his own people?
    He signed a treaty giving up the last Creek lands in Georgia to the federal government.
  28. What discovery led to the Cherokee losing their land in Georgia?
    gold in Dahlonega
  29. Who was Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court who ruled that Cherokee territory was not subject to state law?
    John Marshall
  30. Who was the chief of the Cherokee who took a petition to Congress protesting the Cherokee removal from their land?
    John Ross
  31. When Andrew Jackson said "John Marshall has rendered his decision, now let him enforce it," he meant that the
    Supreme Court could not enforce the decision without the support of the president.
  32. The intent of the Indian Removal Act was to
    remove the Native Americans from the eastern United States.
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