1 Roger strikers out with a pick-up line

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  1. That girl over there kept smiling at me, so i walked over to say hello but she ignored me!
    Maybe she's just playing hard to get.
    to pretend to be disinterested in someone's romantic/sexual advances
  2. That guy over there is checking you out. I think he likes you!
    • check out someone or something
    • to observe someone or something
  3. If you're going to tell Earl you don't want to see him anymore, try to let him down easy.
    to end a romantic relationship with someone in a gentle way
  4. I introduced myself to the new girl in our class and she blew me off!
    • to ignore
    • to reject
    • to keep someone waiting
  5. Carol's husband was coming on to me! She'd be so upset if she found out!
    to flirt, to show sexual interest in someone
  6. My brother fixed me up with his best friend last night. It was the best date I ever had.
    • to arrange a date for someone
    • set someone up
  7. I can't believe you used such an old pick-up line on that girl. No wonder she rejected you!
    an overused, suggestive comment made typically to a stranger in the hope of having a sexual encounter
  8. Every time I ask a girl on a date, I strike out. Maybe I'm too aggressive.
    to fail
  9. Bill and I hit it off the moment we met. We've been together ever since.
    to like each other immediately
  10. Kim just ended a relationship and is on the rebound. She wants a boyfriend desperately.
    to be eager to get right back into a relationship after having recently ended one.
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1 Roger strikers out with a pick-up line
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