2 Ken popped the question

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  1. Is that a ring on your finger? Did David finally pop the question?
    to propose marriage
  2. Brenda is dating a guy who's twenty years younger than she is. She's really robbing the cradle!
    to date or marry someone mush younger than oneself.
  3. I think Monica has a sugar daddy. She doesn't have a job but she wears new expensive clothes and jewelry every day!
    a wealthy older man who gives money and presents to a younger woman in exchange for her intimate companionship
  4. Look at them kissing and touching like that in public. Get a room!
    Take your lovemaking to a private place!
  5. Nancy and Dominic just got hitched. They're spending their honeymoon in Hawii!
    • to get connected
    • settle down
    • snap on the ol'ball and chain
    • take the plunge
    • tie the knot
    • walk down the aisle
  6. Fran is crazy about Dan. She thinks about him all the time.
    • to love someone very much
    • crush on someone
    • fall for someone
    • have it bad for someone
    • head over heel for someone
    • hots for someone
    • mad about someone
    • stuck on someone
    • nuts/wild about someone
  7. You and Mitch have been seeing each other for years. When are you finally going to shack up?
    to move in together
  8. I heard that Kim had a baby! Who knocked her up?
    • to get pregnant
    • bun in the oven
    • expecting
  9. I just saw your brother and Jenny making out! I didn't know they were dating
    • to kiss
    • French kiss
    • hickey
    • neck
    • suck face
  10. Tom and Patty are so different! How long have they been going together.
    • to date on a regular basis
    • go steady
    • go with someone
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