Cultural Sensitivity

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  1. Culture
    • Shared beliefs
    • Values
    • Thinking and acting
    • Arts
    • Customs
    • Slow to change, but can
  2. Cultural competency
    • Self-awareness of your culture
    • Incorporating patient's cultural beliefs into care
    • Ongoing process
  3. Enculturation
    How you learn about your own culture
  4. Acculturation
    • Maintain own culture but try to fit into other cultures
    • Acculturation stress - stress caused by trying to fit in
  5. Assimilation
    Decide going to lose your culture and fit into another
  6. Ethnocentrism
    Think your culture is the best
  7. Western worldview
    • See body and mind as separate
    • Values individuality
    • Direct communication
    • Eye contact, respect, attentiveness
    • Value personal space
  8. Eastern worldview
    • Combined body and mind
    • Family is big source of person's identity
    • Value relationships
    • Less direct communication
    • Less eye contact
    • Traditional wisdom
  9. Indigenous
    • Mind, body, spirit, nature viewed as one
    • Use different healers, witch doctors, voodoo
  10. Cultural competency
    • Cultural awareness - self-awareness, personal bias, assumptions, need to be aware of own biases and beliefs
    • Cultural knowledge - access information
    • Cultural skill - culturally sensitive assessment, meaningful communication
    • Cultural encounter - necessary to keep developing cultural competency
    • Cultural desire - genuiness
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