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  1. What antiacid causes constipation?Diarrhea?
    • constipation--alumninum
    • diarrhea-magnesium
  2. Aluminum produces what S/E?
  3. Magnesium produces what S/E?
    • hypermagnesia
    • loss of Deep Tendon Reflexes
  4. How are the effects of constiption caused by Aluminum offset?
  5. What Histamine receptor increases Gastric Acid secretion?
  6. What Histamine receptor increases bronchial secretions and causes bronchoconstriction?
  7. What 2nd generation H1 histamine blockers dont have sedating effects?
    • Loratadine
    • Cetrizine
    • Fexofenadine
  8. What H1 antagonist is used for motion sickness?
  9. What H1 antagonist is an antianxiolytic?
  10. 1st generation of H1 blockers?
    • Diphenhydramine
    • Chlorpheniramine
    • Promethazine
  11. H2 blockers used for hypersecretion of gastric acid end in what??
    • dine
    • cimetidine
    • ramitadine
    • fematadine
  12. What are the inhibitors of cyt p450?
    • HIV Protease inhibitors
    • Ketoconazole
    • Grapefruit juice
    • Sulfanamides
    • INH
    • Cimetidine
  13. What drugs produce gynecomastia?
    • Spironolactone
    • Digoxin
    • Cimetidine
    • chronic Etoh
    • Ketoconazole
    • Estrogen
  14. What action decreases the effect of H2 receptor blockers?
  15. Proton Pump inhibitors?
  16. Triple Therapy for H.Pylori?
    • metronidazole
    • Tetracycline/amoxicillin
    • Bismuth
  17. PPI decrease bioavailability of drugs that need acidity such as?
    • ketoconazole
    • Ciproflaxin
  18. MOA of Sucralfate/Bismuth?
    protective shield over ulcer allowing alkalinization to occur---heals ulcers
  19. MOA of misoprositol?
    PGE analog--inhibits gastric acid secretion
  20. What drug is used when ulcers are caused by NSAIDS?
  21. Centrally inhibiting Dopamine agonist in teh CTZ(chemotaxic zone)?
  22. 4 Dopamine blockers used as antiemetics?
    • Promethazine
    • Haloperidol
    • Chlorpromazine
    • Metoclopramide
  23. Adverse reaction of the dopamine blockers used for antiemetics??
  24. What drug blocks the labirynth-vestibular system as an antiemetic?
    TO what family of drugs does it belong to?
    • scopolamine (Hyoscine)
    • Antimuscarinics
  25. What antihistamine is used for motion sickness?
  26. What antihistamine drug is used for anxiety?
  27. 5HT3 BLOCKERS end in what?
  28. 2 5HT3 blcokers?
    • Odantsetron
    • Dolasetron
  29. What is used as 1st line drug for chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting?
    • Odansetron
    • Dolasetron
  30. Why are 5HT3 inhibitors used as first line drug for chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting?
    bc large amounts of 5HT result from chemotherapy killed cells which stimulate the CTZ center
  31. What chemicals stimulate CTZ?
    • dopamine
    • 5HT
  32. What chemicals stimulate the lateral and medial zones of the hypothalamus?
    • Leptin
    • Dopamine
    • 5HT
    • LEptin
    • Glucose
  33. WHich drugs inhibit CTZ and GI emetic receptors?
    Which receptors?
    • Olandsetron
    • Dalosetron
    • 5HT3
  34. Bc of the 5HT blocking action, what CNS symptom may occur?
    • headache
    • note:sumatriptan--a 5HT agonist decreases vessel permeability and used for headache, it makes sense that if you block it , you get headache
  35. Abdominal cramps and dry mouth may occur with what anti-emetic?
    • Olandsetron
    • Dolasetron
  36. Dronabinol(Cannabinoid) is used for what 2 purposes?
    • anti-emetic
    • Appetite stimulant in pts with anorexia and AIDS
  37. Dronabinoid(Cannabinoid) MOA?
    activate receptors that block pain receptors in the GI
  38. MOA of Aprepitant?
    Substance P/Neurokinin receptor antagonist
  39. What are the 2 emetic drugs?
    • Activated charcoal
    • Ipecac
  40. MOA of activated Charcoal?
    large surface area absorbs toxins
  41. Activated charcoal is not used for which substance?
    • acidic
    • alkali
    • lithium
    • Etoh
  42. S/E of Activated Charcoal?
    Pulmonary Aspiration
  43. MOA of Ipecac?
    stimulates DA receptors in CTZ
  44. S/E of Ipecac?
  45. MOA of Opiods?
    • opens K channels
    • closes Ca channels
    • Inhibits ach, NE, 5HT release
  46. 2 opiod Anti-diarrheals?
    • Loperamide
    • Diphenoxylate
  47. MOA of opiod anti-diarrheals?
    bind to mu receptors and decrease myenteric activity
  48. Diphenoxylate is given with what drug to prevent abuse?
  49. In addition to treating peptic ulcers by providing a protective cover to allow for bicarbonate release and re-establishment fo pH, this drug is used as an anti-diarrheal?
    Bismuth Subsalicylate
  50. Bulk forming laxative?
  51. Hyperosmotic Laxative?
  52. Polyethylene glycol and electrolyte is called?
  53. Stimulant laxative?
  54. Stool Softener?
    Docusate calcium
  55. Compound which increases luminal pressure?
  56. Laxative used for bowel cleansing before colonoscopy?
  57. Laxative used to decrease ammonia in patients with hepatic encephalopathy?
  58. Why is castrol oil not used as a laxative?
    bc of adverse effects
  59. Anti-diarrheal for travelers diarrhea?
  60. 2 drugs with 5 asa for IBD?
    • sulfasalazine
    • mesalamine
  61. Sulfasalazine is made up of what 2 chemicals?
    sulfapyridine and 5-ASA
  62. TNF blocker used for IBD?
  63. 2 TNF molecule antibodies?
    • Adalimumab
    • Infliximab
  64. Recombinant TNF receptor used to bind TNF in inflammatory condition?
  65. 5HT4 agonist for IBD?
  66. What drug works on constipation in women with IBD?
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