Niacin B3

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  1. Other names for Niacin?
    • 1. niacin
    • 2. nicotinic acid (found in plant tissue)
    • 3. nicotinamide
    • 4. niacinamide(found in animal tissue)
    • Nicotinamide & Niacinamide are most potent form
  2. Function of Niacin?
    • part of coenzyme for metabolism of energy nutrients
    • synthesized in body from amino acid tryptophan
  3. Niacin deficiency?
    • 4 D's Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Dementia, Death
    • sensitive to sunlight (sunburn quickly)
    • Glossitis (balck, smooth tounge)
  4. Disease of Niacin?
    Pellagra= disease of the 4 D's
  5. Niacin Toxicity?
    • tingling & flushing sensation in hands and feet
    • paralysis of respiratory center
    • painful flush and rash ("niacin rush")
    • coma
    • liver damage
    • death
  6. Niacin Sources?
    All protein containing foods
  7. Niacin Characteristics?
    • water soluble
    • most stable of all vitamins
    • not easily destroyed by heat, air & light
    • used to lower cholesterol but must be careful--only under Dr. supervision!!

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Niacin B3
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Niacin B3

Niacin B3
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