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  1. Rugae
    ridges or folds in the mucosa of the palatal surface
  2. Surfaces of teeth:
    • incisal
    • occlusal
    • buccal
    • lingual
    • distal
    • mesial
  3. Enamel
    hard, glistening tissue covering the anatomic crown of the tooth; outermost layer covering the coronal portion of the tooth that protects dentin.
  4. Luting agents:
    used to permanently cement a casting to the tooth; fluid in consistency that hardens
  5. D.D.S =
    Doctor of Dental Surgery
  6. ADA =
    American Dental Association
  7. Orthodontics:
    Specialty in dentisty designed to prevent, intercept, and correct skeletal and dental problems; deals with maloocclusions of the teeth and associated structures
  8. Members of Dental Health Team:
    • Dentist
    • Dental Hygenist
    • Dental Assistant
    • Laboratory Technition
    • Receptionist
  9. Pedodontics:
    treats patients from birth to adolescence; often treats kids with behavioral or emotional problems
  10. Periodontics:
    involves diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral tissue supporting and surrounding the teeth.
  11. G. V. Black:
    came up with the dental classifications and perfected amalgam.
  12. Retromolar area pad:
    space on the mandibular arch behind the last molar
  13. HVE
    High Velocity Evacuation
  14. Rubber Dam Indications:
    • infection control protective barrier
    • safeguards patients mouth against contact with debris and other materials
    • protects patient from inhaling or swallowing debris and other materials
    • protects tooth from contamination of saliva or debris
    • protects oral cavity from exposure to infection after infected tooth is opened
    • provides moisture control
    • improves access by retracting lips, tounge and gingiva
  15. Basic Set up:
    • mouth mirror
    • explorer
    • cotton pliers
  16. Hollenback:
    carves interproximal anatomy
  17. Discoid Cleoid:
    carves occlusal anatomy
  18. Maxillary tuberosity:
    extra space behind the last molar on the maxillary arch
  19. Bifurcation:
    division of a two rooted tooth
  20. Ergonomics
    adaptation of the human body to the work environment.
  21. Burnishers:
    • ball burnisher
    • beaver tail burnisher
  22. Most common surgical blades:
    • 12- curved
    • 15- straight
  23. Sutures:
    • promote healing
    • controls bleeding
    • assists in attachment of tissue

    nonabsorbable: removed in 5-7 days
  24. Right handed dentist:
    pass instruments in horizonal direction
  25. Periosteal Elevator:
    removes the periosteum from the bone
  26. periosteum:
    specialized connective tissue covering all bones in the body
  27. What instrument excavates decay?
    spoon excavator
  28. What does and endodontist treat?
    the pulp
  29. How should you pass instruments?
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