Greek Art

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  1. Title -date- style of art
    • statuatte of worshipers
    • 2700 BC (near eastern art)
  2. Title-date- style of art
    • Head of an akkadian ruler
    • 2250-2200 BC(near eastern art)
  3. Title-date- place of art
    • Victory stele of Naram-sin
    • 2254-2218 BC (near eastern art)

  4. Title-date-place of art
    why is the king and this slab of stele important?
    • the king Hammurabi was the first to make a code of law for his people to follow.
    • stele of Hammurabi
    • 1780 BC (near eastern art)

  5. Title-date-place of art
    Istar-gate 575 BC (near eastern art)

  6. Title-date- place of art
    the palette of king Narmer, 3000 BC (egyptian art)

  7. what was this place used for?
    Title - date- place of art
    • Mastaba- this place has an underground chamber to house the deceased belongings.
    • stepped pyramid of Djoser 2630-2611 BC
    • (egyptian art)

  8. Title -date- place of art
    • Great Pyramids of Gizeh
    • 2490-2472 BC (egyptian art)

  9. Title-date-place of art
    • The Great Sphinx
    • 2500 BC (egyptian art)
  10. Title-date- place of art
    khafre 2500 BC (egyptian art)
  11. Title-date-place of art
    • Menkaure and his queen-2490-2472
    • Egyptian art

  12. why was the queen of this place important?
    Title-date-place of art
    • she was the first female PHARAOH
    • Montuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut-1473-1458 BC (EGYPTIAN art)
  13. Title-date- place of art
    • temple of ramses II-1290-1224
    • egyptian art

  14. Title-date-place of art
    why is he important?
    • he initianted a new religious and art revolution while he was king.
    • Akhenaton-1353-1335 (egyptian art)
  15. title-date and place of art
    Thutmose Nefertiti 1353-1335 (egyptian art)
  16. Title-date- place of art
    • knossos 1700-1400 BC
    • Minoan art
  17. Title-date-place of art
    • Lion gate at Mycenae 1300-1250 BC
    • Mycenaenan art

  18. name 3 construction used in this site.
    title-date and place of art
    • Post and Linthel/Corbel arch/ relieving triangle.
    • Treasury of Atreus 1300-1250
    • mycenaean art
  19. title-date and place of art
    • Funerary Mask 1600-1500 BC
    • Mycenaean art

  20. What is the name of the pattern on the top of this vase?
    title-date- place of art
    • Meander pattern- a ket pattern that repeats.
    • Geometric Krate 740 BC(Greek art)

  21. what does KORE mean?
    title-date-place of art
    • KORE- young WOMAN
    • Peplos Kore 530 BC
    • Greek art

  22. What does KOUROS mean?
    title-date-place of art
    • Kouros- Young MAN
    • Anavysos Kouros 6th century BC
    • Greek art
  23. title-date-place of art
    • Euthymide (three revelers) 510 BC
    • Greek art

  24. title-date-place of art
    what is the name of this pose? and is it possible to do?
    • Contrapppostos- the hips and legs go in the opposite direction to his shoulder and chest. it is impossible to do..need broken hips.
    • Riace Warrior 460-450 BC
    • Greek art
  25. title-date-place of art
    • Zeus or poseidon 460-450 BC
    • Greek art
  26. title-art-place of art
    • The acropolis, Greece 5th century BC
    • Greek art
  27. Title-date-place of art
    • The Parthenon, Acropolis 447-438 BC
    • Greek art
  28. Title-date-place of art
    • the Erechthenion, Acropolis, 421-405 BC
    • Greek art
  29. title-date-place of art
    • Praxiteles Hermes & Dionysos 340 BC
    • Greek art
  30. title-date-place of art
    • Nike of Samothrace 190 BC
    • Greek art

  31. title-date- place of art
    what king of architect structure was used for this site?
    • Stonehenge 2000 BC, england (prehistoric art)
    • Post and Linthel construction.

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