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  1. Consciousness
    awareness of the outside world and of one’s own mental processes, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions
  2. Four basic properties of consciousness
    • intentionality
    • unity
    • selectivity
    • transience
  3. Intentionality of consciousness:
    Consciousness is always about something.
  4. Unity of consciousness:
    Consciousness is resistant to division.
  5. Selectivity of consciousness:
    The capacity to include some objects and not others.
  6. Transience of consciousness:
    The tendency of consciousness to change
  7. Mental control:
    the attempt to change conscious states of mind
  8. Thought suppression:
    the conscious avoidance of a thought
  9. Levels of consciousness:
    variations in quantity how much awareness you have
  10. States of consciousness:
    variations in quality nature of awareness
  11. Conscious
    I am aware that I say, do, think, perceive, feel
  12. preconscious
    Feelings, thoughts, memories, emotions touching awareness
  13. subconscious
    Fears of loss & abandonment; drives of love & belonging; the hurt & rejected child within – acted upon, but not normally aware of.
  14. nonconscious
    Encapsulated drives/beliefs/processes that we unconsciously seek to realize in life (gender roles, ambitions, etc).
  15. Good sleep hygiene: Good sleep habits Personal habits-
    • Fix a bedtime and an awakening time
    • Avoid napping
    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine 4-6 hours before bed
    • Avoid heavy, spicy, or sugary foods 4-6 before bed
    • Exercise regularly, but not right before bed
  16. good Sleeping environment
    • Use comfortable bedding
    • Find a comfortable temperature
    • Block out any/all distracting noise
    • Block out light
    • Reserve the bed for sleep (don’t use it as an office, recreation room, tv center, etc.)
  17. good ways for Getting ready for bed
    • Practice relaxation before bed
    • Establish pre-sleep ritual (warm bath, brush teeth, reading, etc.)
    • Get into comfortable sleeping clothes
    • Get into comfortable sleeping position
    • Leave worries behind
  18. Sleep:
    A behavioral state AND an altered state of consciousness of reduced awareness and reduced responsiveness to the environment.
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