Korean Verbs & Adjectives

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  1. 가깝다
    To Be Close/ Close by
  2. 가난하다
    To be Poor (No Money)
  3. 가다
    To Go
  4. 가르지다
    To Teach
  5. 가지고 가다
    To Take
  6. 가지고 오다
    To Bring
  7. 간단하다
    To be Simple/ Basic
  8. 갈아입다
    To Change (Clothes)
  9. 갈아타다
    To Change/ To Transfer (e.g. buses, trains, etc.)
  10. 감다
    To close (eyes)/ To wash (hair)
  11. 갔다오다
    To Go Somewhere
  12. 강하다
    To be Strong
  13. 강의하다
    To Lecture
  14. 갖다 주다
    To go somewhere and get something to give someone
  15. 거짓말하다
    To Lie (Not the Truth)
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