HazMat Ch. 9+10

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  1. What are the 4 types of decontamination?
    • Wet-washing the contaminated surface or flushing with a hose stream or safety shower
    • Dry-may be as simple as removing clothing or allowing contaminent to evaporate. Also vacuuming, brushing, scraping or using sticky tape
    • Physical-methods remove the contaminent from a person without changing the material chemically. examples are absorbtion, adsorbtion, brushing, scraping, dilution, evaporation, isolation and disposal, washing and vacuuming
    • Chemical-methods are used to make it less harmful by changing it through some kind of chemical process. Ex. using bleach to sanitize tools
  2. True or False
    Those conducting Decon. usually wear one classification below?
  3. What is Emergency Decon?
    Stripped+washed quickly=no regard for evironment
  4. The main priority of spill control?
  5. Defensive spill control tactics that confine hazardous materials include?
    • absorbtion
    • adsorbtion
    • blanketing/covering
    • dam, dike, diversion and retention
    • vapor supression
  6. Some defensive spill control tactics are aimed at reducing the amount of harm the material causes by diluting the concentration or changing it physical properties
    • Vapor dispersion
    • Ventilation
    • Dispersion
    • Dilution
    • Dissolution
    • Neutralization* considered tech level offensive containment tactic
  7. Foam is measured in terms of its 25% drainage time and it's expansion ratio, describe
    • the time required for one-fourth of total liquid solution to drain from the foam
    • Expansion ratio is the volume of finished foam that results from a unit of volume of foam solution
  8. Where will Nonpressure liquid tanks, low pressure chemical tanks and high pressure tanks have the emergency shutoff switch
    Left hand corner of the tank(behind the driver)
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