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  1. abbaiare
    to bark
  2. abbronzarsi
    to get a tan
  3. abiarsi
    to set off; to be about to
  4. abitare
    to live
  5. abituarsi a
    to be accustomed to, to get used to
  6. accarezzare
    to stroke
  7. accendere
    to switch on
  8. accettare
    to accept
  9. accomodarsi
    to take a seat, to come in
  10. accompagnare
    to accompany
  11. accompagnare a scuola
    to take to school
  12. accusare
    to accuse
  13. affezionarsi
    to grow fond
  14. affittare
    to rent, to hire
  15. affrettarsi
    to be in a hurry
  16. aggiustare
    to mend
  17. aiutare
    to help
  18. allacciare
    to fasten
  19. allargare (i pantaloni)
    to let out (the trousers)
  20. allungare (il vestito)
    to lengthen (the dress)
  21. alzarsi
    to get up
  22. amare
    to love
  23. ammalarsi
    to fall ill
  24. ammirare
    to admire
  25. andare
    to go
  26. andare (... a cercare)
    to go. (... and look for)
  27. andare (a letto)
    to go (to bed)
  28. andare a cavallo
    to go on horseback, to ride
  29. andare a trovare
    to visit; to see
  30. andare al mare
    to go to the seaside
  31. andare bene
    to go well
  32. andare in bicicletta
    to cycle
  33. andare in campagna
    to go to the countryside
  34. andare in montagna
    to go to the mountains
  35. andare incontro a
    to meet with
  36. andare matto per
    to be crazy about
  37. andarsene
    to go away
  38. annegare
    to drown
  39. annoiarsi
    to be bored
  40. apparecchiare
    to lay the table
  41. apprendere
    to learn
  42. apprezzare
    to appreciate
  43. approfittare
    to take advantage of
  44. approvare
    to approve
  45. aprire
    to open
  46. arrabbiarsi
    to get angry
  47. arredare
    to furnish
  48. arrestare
    to stop
  49. arrivare
    to arrive
  50. asciugarsi
    to dry (oneself)
  51. ascoltare
    to listen to
  52. aspettare
    to wait
  53. assaggiare
    to taste
  54. assicurare
    to assure, ensure
  55. atterrare
    to land
  56. attraversare
    to cross
  57. augurare
    to wish
  58. auitare
    to help
  59. aumentare
    to increase
  60. auto-stop (fare l'...)
    to hitch-hike
  61. aver bisogno di
    to need
  62. aver caldo
    to feel hot
  63. aver fame, sete
    to be hungry, thirsty
  64. aver freddo
    to feel cold
  65. aver freta
    to be in a hurry
  66. aver mal di denti
    to have a tooth ache
  67. aver mal di gola
    to have a sore throat
  68. aver mal di schiena
    to have a back ache
  69. aver mal di stomaco
    to have a stomach ache
  70. aver mal di testa
    to have a head ache
  71. aver ragione/torto
    to be right/wrong
  72. aver vergogna di
    to be ashamed of
  73. aver voglia di
    to feel like
  74. avere
    to have
  75. avere bisogno di
    to have need of
  76. avere il diritto
    to have the right
  77. avere il tempo
    to have time
  78. avere il tempo di
    to have the time to
  79. avere la precedenza
    to have the right of way
  80. avere paura
    to be afraid
  81. avere paura di
    to be afraid of
  82. avers
    to have
  83. avvertire
    to warn, to inform
  84. avvincinarsi a
    to approach
  85. baciare
    to kiss
  86. ballare
    to dance
  87. bere
    to drink
  88. bisognare
    to need
  89. bocciare
    to fail
  90. brindare
    to toast
  91. bruciare
    to burn
  92. bruciarsi la mano
    to burn one's hand
  93. cadere
    to fall
  94. cambiare
    to change
  95. camminare
    to walk
  96. campeggiare
    to camp
  97. cantare
    to sing
  98. capire
    to understand
  99. capirsi
    to understand each other
  100. cenare
    to dine
  101. cercare
    to look for
  102. chiamare
    to call
  103. chiamarsi
    to be called
  104. chiedere
    to ask
  105. chiudere
    to close
  106. circolare
    to drive round, to keep moving
  107. collezionare
    to collect
  108. coltivare
    to cultivate
  109. cominciare
    to begin, to start
  110. cominciare a fare
    to begin to
  111. compilare
    to fill in
  112. complimentarsi
    to compliment, to congratulate
  113. comprare
    to buy
  114. condurre
    to drive, to lead
  115. congratularsi con
    to congratulate
  116. conoscere
    to know
  117. consigliare
    to recommend
  118. contare
    to count
  119. continuare
    to continue
  120. controllare
    to control, to check
  121. controllare/verificare
    to check
  122. coricarsi
    to go to bed; to lie down
  123. correggere
    to correct, to mark
  124. correre
    to run, to speed
  125. costare
    to cost
  126. costars
    to cost
  127. credere
    to believe
  128. cucinare
    to cook
  129. cucire
    to sew
  130. da parte (mettere ... )
    to put aside
  131. dare
    to give
  132. dare da mangiare
    to feed
  133. dare la precedenza
    to give way
  134. deciderare
    to wish; to want; to like
  135. decidere
    to decide
  136. decollare
    to take off
  137. decorare
    to decorate
  138. depositare
    to deposit
  139. desiderare
    to want, to wish
  140. detestare
    to detest, to hate
  141. dibattere
    to debate
  142. dichiarare
    to declare
  143. dimenticare
    to forget
  144. dire
    to say; to tell
  145. dirigersi
    to make for
  146. discutere
    to discuss
  147. dispiacere
    to dislike, to regret, to be sorry
  148. distare
    to be a long way from
  149. diventare
    to become
  150. diventare/divenire
    to become
  151. divertirsi
    to amuse oneself
  152. domandare
    to ask
  153. dormire
    to sleep
  154. dovere
    to have to
  155. dubitare
    to doubt
  156. durare
    to last
  157. entrare
    to enter
  158. esagerare
    to exaggerate, to go too far
  159. essere
    to be
  160. essere ammesso
    to be admitted
  161. essere di moda
    to be in fashion
  162. essere nato
    to be born
  163. essistere
    to exist
  164. far bell tempo
    to have nice weather
  165. far brutto tempo
    to have bad weather
  166. far colazione
    to have breakfast; to have lunch
  167. far male
    to hurt
  168. fare
    to do, to make
  169. fare attenzione
    to be careful
  170. fare belle passeggiate
    to go for walks
  171. fare caldo
    to be hot
  172. fare collazione
    to have breakfast
  173. fare freddo
    to be cold
  174. fare i competiti
    to do homework
  175. fare il numero
    to dial the number
  176. fare la coda/la fila
    to queue
  177. fare la doccia
    to have a shower
  178. fare la spesa
    to go shopping
  179. fare l'autostop
    to hitch-hike
  180. fare un gol
    to score a goal
  181. fare uno sbaglio
    to make a mistake
  182. fare visita
    to pay a visit
  183. fareilbagno
    to have a bath
  184. farsi la barba
    to shave
  185. farsi male
    to hurt oneself
  186. farsi prestare
    to borrow
  187. fermarsi
    to stop (oneself)
  188. fidanzarsi
    to become engaged
  189. filare
    to go
  190. finire
    to finish
  191. firmare
    to sign
  192. fissare
    to fix
  193. forare
    to have a puncture
  194. frenare
    to brake
  195. frequentare
    to attend
  196. fumare
    to sign
  197. funzionare
    to work; to function
  198. garantire
    to guarantee
  199. gelare
    to freeze
  200. giocare
    to play
  201. giocare (a tennis ecc.)
    to play (tennis etc.)
  202. giocare a dama
    to play draughts
  203. giocare a pallone (bocce, carte)
    to play football (bowls, cards)
  204. giocare a scacchi
    to play chess
  205. girare
    to turn
  206. godersi
    to enjoy oneself
  207. gonfiare
    to inflate
  208. gradire
    to enjoy, to like
  209. graffiare
    to scratch
  210. gridare
    to shout
  211. guadagnare
    to earn
  212. guardare
    to watch
  213. guarire
    to recover
  214. guastarsi
    to break, to fail
  215. guidare
    to drive
  216. imbarcare
    to embark, board
  217. imparare
    to learn
  218. impiegarsi
    to be employed
  219. impostare/imbucare
    to post
  220. imprestare/prestare
    to lend
  221. in ritardo
    to be late
  222. incontrare
    to meet
  223. incontrarsi ancora
    to meet again
  224. indicare
    to point out; to show
  225. indossare
    to put on
  226. indovinare
    to guess
  227. informare
    to inform
  228. informarsi
    to enquire (about)
  229. ingessare
    to put in plaster
  230. iniziare
    to begin
  231. insegnare
    to teach
  232. inserire
    to insert
  233. insultare
    to insult
  234. intendere
    to understand
  235. interessare
    to interest
  236. interessarsi
    to be interested in
  237. interessarsi di
    to be interested in
  238. introdurre
    to insert
  239. investire
    to collide with, to run over
  240. invitare
    to invite
  241. irritarsi
    to get angry, to get annoyed
  242. lamentarsi
    to complain
  243. lampeggiare
    to lighten
  244. lasciare
    to leave
  245. laurearsi
    to graduate
  246. lavare
    to wash
  247. lavarsi
    to wash
  248. lavorare
    to work
  249. leggere
    to read
  250. litigare
    to argue
  251. mancare
    to lack
  252. mandare
    to send
  253. mangiare
    to eat
  254. mettere
    to put
  255. mettere via
    to put away
  256. mettersi
    to change; to put on
  257. miagolare
    to miaow
  258. migliorare
    to improve
  259. mordere
    to bite
  260. morire
    to die
  261. mostrare
    to show
  262. nevicare
    to snow
  263. noleggiare
    to hire
  264. non vedere l'ora di
    to look forward to
  265. nuotare
    to swim
  266. occuparsi di
    to occupy oneself with, to deal with
  267. odiare
    to hate
  268. offrire
    to offer
  269. ordinare
    to order
  270. osservare
    to observe; to watch
  271. pagare
    to pay
  272. pagare l'affito
    to pay the rent
  273. parcheggiare
    to park
  274. parere
    to seem
  275. parlare
    to talk
  276. partecipare
    to take part in
  277. partire
    to leave
  278. passare
    to pass
  279. passegiare
    to walk; to stroll
  280. pattinare
    to skate
  281. pattinare su ghiaccio
    to ice-skate
  282. peggiorare
    to worsen; to deteriorate
  283. pensare
    to think
  284. perdere
    to lose
  285. perdersi
    to get lost
  286. permettere
    to permit, to allow
  287. permettersi
    to take the liberty
  288. pesare
    to weigh
  289. pescare
    to fish
  290. pessegiare
    to stroll; to walk
  291. pettinarsi
    to comb / brush one's hair
  292. piacere
    to like
  293. piangere
    to cry
  294. piovere
    to rain
  295. piovigginare
    to drizzle
  296. pitturare
    to paint
  297. portare
    to carry, to bring, to take
  298. potere
    to be able
  299. pranzare
    to lunch
  300. preferire
    to prefer
  301. premere
    to press
  302. premere (il bottone)
    to press (the button)
  303. prendere
    to take
  304. prendere in prestito
    to borrow
  305. prenotare
    to book
  306. prenotare, riservare
    to book, to reserve
  307. preoccuparsi
    to worry, to be troubled
  308. preparare
    to prepare
  309. prepare da mangiare
    to prepare a meal
  310. presentare
    to introduce
  311. prestare
    to lend
  312. prevedere
    to forecast
  313. promettere
    to promise
  314. promuovere
    to pass
  315. proporre
    to propose
  316. protestare
    to protest
  317. provare
    to try
  318. pulire
    to clean
  319. punire
    to punish
  320. raccomandare
    to recommend
  321. raccontare
    to tell
  322. raffreddato (essere ...)
    to have a cold
  323. rallentare
    to slow down
  324. rassomigliare a
    to look like
  325. reclamare
    to complain
  326. renders
    to give back, to return
  327. restare
    to stay
  328. restituire
    to give back
  329. riagganciare (il ricevitore)
    to hang up
  330. ricambiare
    to return, to reciprocate
  331. ricevere
    to receive
  332. richiamare
    to call back
  333. riconoscere
    to recognise
  334. ricordarsi
    to remember
  335. ridere
    to laugh
  336. riempire
    to fill in
  337. rifiutare
    to refuse, to turn down
  338. rilassarsi
    to relax
  339. rimanere
    to remain; to stay
  340. rimborsare
    to refund
  341. ringraziare
    to thank
  342. riparare
    to repair
  343. ripararsi
    to shelter
  344. ripetere
    to repeat
  345. riposarsi
    to rest
  346. risalire
    to go up again
  347. riservare
    to reserve
  348. risparmiare
    to save
  349. rispettare
    to respect
  350. rispondere
    to reply
  351. ritardare
    to delay
  352. ritirare
    to withdraw
  353. ritornare
    to return
  354. ritrovare
    to find
  355. rompersi
    to break
  356. rompersi il braccio (ecc.)
    to break one's arm (etc.)
  357. rovesciarsi
    to overturn
  358. rubare
    to steal
  359. saline
    to get on
  360. salire
    to go up; to climb; to get on
  361. salutare
    to greet
  362. sanguinare
    to bleed
  363. sapere
    to know
  364. sbarcare
    to disembark
  365. sbrigarsi
    to hurry up
  366. scegliere
    to choose
  367. scendere
    to go down; to descend; to get off
  368. sciare
    to ski
  369. scivolare
    to slip
  370. scoprire
    to discover, to find out
  371. scrivere
    to write
  372. scusare
    to excuse
  373. scusarsi
    to apologize
  374. sdraiarsi
    to lie down; to recline
  375. sedersi
    to sit oneself down
  376. segnare
    to indicate; to signal
  377. sembrare
    to seem
  378. sentire
    to hear
  379. sentirsi
    to feel
  380. sequestrare
    to kidnap, to confiscate
  381. sequire
    to follow
  382. servire
    to serve
  383. sforzarsi di
    to make an effort
  384. sganciare
    to lift up the receiver
  385. slittare
    to slide
  386. soffrire
    to suffer
  387. sorpassare
    to overtake
  388. sorprendersi
    to be surprised
  389. sostituire
    to substitute, to change
  390. sparecchiare
    to clear the table
  391. spedire
    to send
  392. spegnare
    to switch off
  393. spendere
    to spend
  394. sperare
    to hope
  395. spiegare
    to explain
  396. splendere
    to shine
  397. spolverare
    to dust
  398. sporgersi
    to lean out
  399. sposarsi
    to get married
  400. stare
    to stay
  401. stare male
    to feel ill
  402. stare meglio
    to be better
  403. stare peggio
    to be worse
  404. stirare
    to iron
  405. stringers (la giacca)
    to take in (the jacket)
  406. studiare
    to study
  407. sudare
    to sweat
  408. suggerire
    to suggest
  409. suonare
    to ring, to play
  410. supporre
    to suppose, to think
  411. svegliare
    to wake
  412. svegliarsi
    to wake up
  413. tagliare
    to cut
  414. tagliarsi
    to cut
  415. telefonare
    to telephone
  416. temere
    to fear
  417. tirare
    to blow
  418. tornare
    to return
  419. tradurre
    to translate
  420. trascorrere
    to pass; to spend
  421. traslocare
    to move house
  422. traversare
    to cross
  423. trovare
    to find
  424. trovare un impiego
    to look for work
  425. trovarsi
    to find oneself
  426. tuffarsi
    to dive
  427. tuonare
    to thunder
  428. ubbidire
    to obey
  429. uccidere
    to kill
  430. unire
    to unite
  431. uscire
    to leave, to go out
  432. vedere
    to see
  433. vedersi
    to see, to meet
  434. vendere
    to sell
  435. venire
    to come
  436. vergognarsi
    to be ashamed
  437. verificare
    to check
  438. vestire
    to dress
  439. vestirsi
    to dress oneself
  440. viaggiare
    to travel
  441. vincere
    to win
  442. visitare
    to visit
  443. vivere
    to live
  444. volare
    to fly
  445. volere
    to want
  446. vomitare
    to vomit
  447. votare
    to vote
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