Theory III

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  1. localized collection of pus in a circumscribed or walled-off area formed by the disintegration of tissues
  2. runs a relatively short course; produces pain and local inflammation
  3. slow development with little evidence of inflammation; usually an intermittent pus discharge; may follow an acute abscess
  4. circumscribed collection of pus around the apex of a tooth root; results from pulpal necrosis
  5. in the periodontal tissues; also called lateral or parietal
  6. foul, offensive odor from the mouth; halitosis
    fetor oris
  7. a pathologic sinus or abnormal passage that leads from an abscess to the surface of the gingiva or mucosa
  8. a lay term for a circumbscribed swelling in the tissue over the alveolar process, usually at the level of the root apices; may break and drain periodically, thus preventing pain
    gum boil
  9. gingivitis in the HIV positive patient; characterized by a well-demarcated band of intense erythema at the gingival margin, not associated with dental biofilm, and which does not respond to conventional biofilm removal procedures
    linear gingival erythema
  10. feeling of general indisposition, uneasiness, discomfort; may be early indication of illness
  11. death of tissue; morphologic changes indicative of cell death caused by enzymatic degradation
  12. severe and rapidly progressive disease that has a distincitive erythema of the free gingiva, attached gingiva, and the alveolar mucosa; extensive soft tissue necrosis that usually starts with the interdental papillae; marked loss of periodontal attachment; deep probing depths may not be evident because of marked recession
    necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis (NUP)
  13. not administered by way of the alimentary canal, but, for example, subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous
  14. gingival inflammation around the crown of an incompletely erupted tooth; most frequently occurs about a mandibular third molar
  15. false membrane; false layer of tissue that covers a surface
  16. accompanied by or containing pus
  17. a channel that connects with an abscess or supurating area
    sinus tract
  18. formation or development of an ulcer with loss of epithelial surface and sloughing of necrotic inflammatory tissue
  19. Name some of the microbiology involved in necrotizing infections (5)
    • selenomona species
    • trepenoma species
    • prevotella inermedia
    • porphyromonas
    • fusobacterium
  20. What is contained in the pseudomembrane (a necrotic slough of the surface epithelium) covering the lesion in NUG?
    • leukocytes
    • bacteria
    • epithelial cells
    • fibrin
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