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  1. 5 modern evolutionary ideas
    • 1. central dogma of genetic info
    • 2. Evolution most often measured by change in population over many generations
    • 3. Evolutionary history resembles a tree
    • 4. Evolution NOT teleological
    • 5. Adaptation favored & maintained by natural selection
  2. central dogma of genetic info
    • 1. DNA self replication (DNA dep. DNA polymerase)
    • 2. transcription of DNA-->RNA (DNA dep. RNA pol.)
    • 3. translation of RNA-->protein (ribosomes)
  3. How is evolution measured in a molecular way
    • nucleic acids evolve - thru mutations
    • cells evolve - thru aquiring NEW DNA
    • individuals evolve - new cells/tissues
    • populations evolve - new genotypes
  4. Evolutionary history tree - Fission
    • ends in >2 descendents
    • cladogenesis
    • Adaptive radiation
  5. Evolutionary history tree - Fusion
    • hybrid speciation
    • polyploidy
  6. Evolutionary history tree - non-branching
    • entire population evolved
    • anagenesis (one ancestory, one descendent ie: horses)- Darwin's thought to be most common
  7. Lamarck evolution vs Darwin
    • Lamarck coming from a democratic state of the french revolution believed in adaptive change, that every being has the same abilities but will evolve through each generation the same (giraffe)
    • Darwin had the aristocratic view of only the fit survive, not everyone has the same chance
  8. Adaptation w/example
    • Adaptation arises by mutations and only is retained if it is favored by the selecting forces
    • ie: the white fur of polar bears was adaptation that is retained for survival in the arctic
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