Engine Company ch 4+5+6+7

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  1. Positioning on a narrow detached building
    1st company pull past building, will have viewed 3 sides
  2. Positioning on a wide frontage building
    1st engine company positioned so the entrances can be used in attacking the fire
  3. Positioning on an attached building
    • when approaching with the ladder pull slightly passed the building
    • opposite the ladder stop short of the building
  4. When should immediate rescue without a coordinated attack be attempted?
    Only in extreme cases
  5. RIT info
    • If possible have 4 FF's one an officer
    • staged on scene to maximize options
    • large fires near IC
  6. Static residual rule according to ECO
    • 5% 3 equal parts equivalent to total
    • 10% 2 equal parts equivalent to total
    • 20% 1 equal part equivalent to total
  7. Mobile water supply apparatus generally carry ____ to _____ gallons of water
    1,000 to 3,500 gallons
  8. Vehicles carrying 1,000 gallons of water or more are referred to as ______
  9. The pump must not be run above ____% for any length of time
  10. Pump operators should maintain a residual pressure of ___ to ___psi
    • 20 to 25 psi
    • also it should not be allowed to drop below 10psi except under extreme conditions
  11. Characteriscs of direct attack
    • surest way of controlling a fire
    • works best with ventilation
  12. Characteristics of an indirect attack
    • for free burning fires
    • poor choice near victims
  13. Characteristics of combination attack
    • Used when room is extremely hot and nearing flashover conditions
    • Indirect is used to cool the room and then followed up by direct to extinguish the fire
  14. What is the appropriate stream for a basement fire?
    straight or solid
  15. When two 1' 3/4" lines are used for the initial attack what should the back up line be?
    a 2' 1/2" inch line
  16. What is the back up line for a 2' 1/2" inch line
    a 2' 1/2" inch line
  17. Exposure protection is second to only_____
    Life safety/rescue
  18. Master stream gpm
    1.) 1' 1/4"-
    2.) 1' 3/8"-
    3.) 1' 1/2"-
    4.) 1' 3/4"-
    5.) 2"-
    • 1. 400gpm
    • 2. 500gpm
    • 3. 600gpm
    • 4. 800gpm
    • 5. 1000gpm
  19. How many classes of standpipe systems are there? Describe
    • 3
    • Class 1- provide 2' 1/2" hose connections for fullscale firefighting
    • Class 2- Provide 1' 1/2" hose connections for first aid FF. Intended use is fire brigades and occupants
    • Class 3-Combination of 1 and 2
  20. Types of standpipe systems (5)
    • Automatic wet-filled with water at all times and will have an automatically available supply capable of suplying the water demand necessary for firefighting
    • automatic dry- filled with pressurized air. thru the use of a valve water admitted automatically when opened. preconnected water supply capable of supplying the water demand
    • semi-automatic dry- filled with air that may or may not be pressurized. arranged with devices to admit water into system piping when a remote actuation device located at a hose station, such as a pull station, is activated. Preconnected water supply capable of water demand
    • manual dry- normally filled with air; do not have preconnected water supply. FDC must be used
    • manual wet- normally filled with water for the purpose of find ing leaks. water supply generally domestic supply. An FDC must be used for firefighting
  21. NFPA 14 requires that a water supply for all class 1 and class 3 systems be able to deliver a residual pressure of ___psi at the outlet of the top most hose connection on each standpipe.
    This pressure must be available while flowing ____gpm from each standpipe
    NFPA requires that a water supply for a class 2 system be capable of delivering ___gpm for ___minutes and be strong enough to keep a residual pressure of ____
    • 100 psi
    • 250gpm
    • 100gpm, 30 mins, 65psi
  22. 4 Types of sprinkler systems and which is most common
    • wet pipe * most common
    • dry pipe
    • preaction
    • deluge
  23. What is the recommended pressure when feeding sprinkler systems
    150 psi
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