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  1. Hydronium Ion
    a protonated water mloecule, H3O+
  2. Amphiprotic
    a substance that can behave either as a Bronsted Acid or a Bronsted Base.
  3. Conjugate acid-base pair
    two species related to eachother through the gain or loss of a proton.
  4. Equivalence Point
    the situation in which reactants have been mixed in the molar ration corresponding to the balanced equation.
  5. Buffer Capacity
    a measure of the ability of a solution to resist large changes in PH when a strong acid/ base is added.
  6. Radioactivity
    the process by which atoms high energy particles particles or rays; the spontaneous decomposition of a nucleus to produce a different nucleus.
  7. Nuclide
    any atom characterized by an atomic number and a mass number.
  8. Ionizing radiation
    radiation that is sufficiently high energy to cause ion formation upon impact with an atom.
  9. Fission
    the splitting of heavy nuclei into lighter nuclei accompanied by the release of large quantities of energy.
  10. Fusion
    the joining of light nuclei to form heavier nuclei accompanied by the release of large amounts of energy.
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