ch 9.8 cardiac and lymphatic abnormalities and oncology

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  1. agranulocytosis
    disease characterized by decrease in granulocytes
  2. aneurysm
    blood-filled, saclike formations caused by localized dilation of blood vessel wall (usually artery) or heart
  3. angina
    refers to any condition with attacks of suffocating, paroxysmal pain
  4. angina pectoris
    severe, paroxysmal chest pain in humans, usually radiating from the cardiac area of the chest to the left shoulder and down the left arm
  5. angiomegaly
    enlargement of blood vessel
  6. angionecrosis
    necrosis (death) of blood vessel walls
  7. angiosclerosis
    sclerosis (hardening) of blood vessel walls
  8. angiostenosis
    narrowing of vessels
  9. aortic insufficiency
    blood from aorta flows back to the left ventricle because of malfunctioning of semilunar valve of aorta
  10. arrhythmia
    irregular rhythm of the heartbeat
  11. arteriosclerosis
    classification of diseases of arteries, marked by thickening of walls of arteries and loss of their elasticity
  12. arteriospasm
    spasm of artery
  13. arteriostenosis
    narrowing of diameter of artery
  14. atherosclerosis
    type of arteriosclerosis marked by formation of plaques containing cholesterol and lipids within intima of large and medium-sized arteries
  15. bradycardia
    slow heartbeat
  16. cardiac arrest
    abrupt stopping of cardiac function and absence of arterial blood pressure
  17. cardiac hypertrophy
    enlargement of heart
  18. cardiac murmur
    abnormal heart sound
  19. cardiomegaly
    enlargement of heart
  20. cardiomyopathy
    heart muscle disase found in cats
  21. carotenemia
    presence of carotene in blood, sometimes producing a jaundicelike coloring
  22. congestive heart failure
    prolonged inability of heart to pump and maintain blood flow adequately, resulting in impaired circulation, edema throughout body, and blood backed up in veins leading to heart
  23. cor pulmonale
    cardiac condition caused by pulmonary hypertension resulting from disease of lungs or their blood vessels
  24. cyanosis
    bluish color of skin and mucous membranes caused by reduced amounts of oxygen in blood
  25. embolism
    blocking of blood vessel by obstruction, such as blood clot, air bubble, fat globule, tissue, bacteria clump, or amniotic debris, carried by blood flow
  26. erythrocytosis
    increase of red blood cells in circulation
  27. erythropenia
    deficiency of erythrocytes (also called erythrocytopenia)
  28. fibrillation
    arrhythmia with uncoordinated, irregular contractions of heart muscle affecting atria or ventricles
  29. granulocytopenia
    decrease of granulocytes in blood (also called granulopenia)
  30. granulcytosis
    unusually large number of granulocytes in blood.
  31. heart block
    partial or complete interference with the conduction of cardiac electrical impulses
  32. hemangiectasis
    dilation of blood vessels (also called angiectasis)
  33. hematocytopenia
    deficiency in elements of blood cells
  34. hematocytosis
    increase in elements of blood
  35. hematopenia
    decrease in blood
  36. hemaglobinemia
    free hemoglobin in blood plasma
  37. hypertension
    high blood pressure
  38. hypotension
    low blood pressure
  39. infarct
    area of tissue that is damaged or necrotic because of an insufficient blood supply resulting from obstruction to circulation
  40. ischemia
    local, temporary deficiency of blood supply to area of body caused by obstruction in blood vessel supplying area
  41. leukopenia (leukocytopenia)
    reduction in amount of white blood cells
  42. lymphadentitis
    lymph node inflammation
  43. lymphadenopathy
    disease of lymph nodes
  44. lumphangiectasis
    swelling of vessels of lymphatics
  45. lymphedema
    swelling caused by blockage of lymphatics
  46. lymphocytopenia
    decrease of lymphocytes in blood
  47. lymphocytosis
    excess of lymphocytes in blood
  48. lymphorrhea
    discharge of lymph from cut or torn lymph vessel
  49. lymphostasis
    obstruction to lymph flow
  50. mitral insufficiency
    most common cause of congestive heart failure in dogs
  51. mitral valve prolapse (MVP)
    protrusion of mitral valve into left atrium, causing backflow of blood caused by incomplete closure
  52. monocytopenia
    decrease of monocytes in blood
  53. monocytosis
    increase of monocytes in blood
  54. neutropenia
    decrease of neutrophils in blood (also called neutrocytopenia)
  55. occlusion
    obstruction of blood vessel, which may be caused by thrombus or embolus
  56. palpitation
    rapid action or tachycardia of heart
  57. paroxysmal tachycardia
    sudden onset of rapid heartbeat, beginning and ending abruptly
  58. phlebangioma
    aneurysm of vein
  59. phlebectasia
    swelling of vein or veins or varicosity (also called phlebectasis)
  60. phlebostenosis
    narrowing of the walls of vein
  61. polycythemia
    increase of erythrocytes in blood
  62. pulmonary edema
    edema of lungs symptomatic of congestive heart failure
  63. reticulocytopenia
    decrease in amount of reticulocutes in blood (also called reticulopenia)
  64. splenomegaly
    enlargement of spleen
  65. thrombocytopenia
    decrease in platelets in blood
  66. thrombosis
    formation, presence, or developement of blood clot or thrombus
  67. thrombus
    blood clot obstructing blood vessel
  68. thymopathy
    any disease of thymus
  69. thymus hyperplasia
    enlarged thymus
  70. vasoconstriction
    narrowing of blood vessels
  71. vasodilation
    expansion of blood vessels
  72. vasospasm
    blood vessel spasm causing narrowing in its diameter
  73. hemangioma
    benign tumor caused by cluster of newly formed blood vessels
  74. hemangiosarcoma
    malignant tumor of vascular tissue
  75. lymphangioma
    tumor made up of newly formed lymph channels and spaces
  76. lymphangiosarcoma
    malignant tumor of lymph vessels
  77. lymphoma
    lymphoid tissue tumors, usually malignant
  78. lymphomatosis
    development of multiple lymphomas in body
  79. lymphosarcoma
    malignant neoplasm of lymphoid tissue
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