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  1. Demonstrate Teamwork fundamentals, process and functions
    Working together on NOP tool. What projects have your worked on with your NOP Team? How do you fit into your team?
  2. Demonstrate basic presentation skills
    What presentations have you given here at Ram Powell or on your internship? Provide examples. Choose Safety Topic for Sunday safety Meeting.
  3. Obtaining input, judging solutions, implementing solutions, judging effectiveness
    Input : Brainstorming, research, RCA meeting, experienced recourses. Judging: go through and separate ideas, prioritize, consensus 8020 rule. Implementing: Tailgate meeting, site specific task list, LOP, try it. Only implement one at a time. Must have control variable to actually see which worked. Judging: AAR, document for future reference (possible PWR).
  4. Problem Analysis and Decision making 'tool boxes' and methods
    Tool boxes found in OIM office. Similar to flow chart. Fish bone: Start with problem, list solutions.
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