vocab unit 2

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  1. accost (v)
    to approach

    The angry fan accosted the head football coach after the loss.
  2. animadversion (n)
    a criticising comment

    The dissaproving boy's animadversion about the girl's shirt made her cry.
  3. avid (adj)
    intensely eager

    The avid phillies fan was mad after the playoff loss
  4. brackish (adj)

    The surfer had a brackish taste in his mouth after swimming in the salty water
  5. celerity (n)
    rapidity of motion

    The conscientious girl performed her HW with celerity
  6. devious (adj)
    The drunk driver deviously avoided the cops by driving down the alley.
  7. gambit (n)
    The gambit that the risky kid took allowed him to eat breakfast at Bob Evans & not get caught.
  8. halcyon (n)

    Winning the state championship was the halcyon year for field hockey.
  9. histrionic (adj)

    Because the theatrical girl was in the school play, she was very histrionic
  10. incendiary (adj)
    deliberately setting or causing fires

    The teenager was charged with setting fire to two houses with an incendiary device.
  11. maelstrom (n)
    a whirlpool of great size & violence

    At the end of Pirates of the Caribean, the Black Pearl got caught in a giant maelstrom and sank.
  12. myopic (adj)
    lacking a broad, realistic view

    My myopic parents wouldn't let me go out on Friday, because i got a detention
  13. overt (adj)
    not hidden, open

    The young student was suspended for saying an overt threat to another student.
  14. pejorative (adj)
    tending to make worse

    The student was given a detention for making a pejorative remark toward the teacher.
  15. propriety (n)
    the state of being proper

    The girl acted with propriety the night of her formal prom.
  16. sacrilege (n)
    improper treatment of something held sacred

    The girl accused her sister of sacrilege when she thought her diary was stolen.
  17. summarily (adv)
    without delay or formality

    The two students were summarily suspended for fighting without delay.
  18. suppliant (adj)
    asking humbly and earnestly

    The sincere girl asked a suppliant question when she was talking to her mom.
  19. talisman (n)
    an object that serves as a charm

    The rabbit's foot served as a talisman as I scored 3 goals.
  20. undulate (v)
    to make in waves

    The flag waved and undulated in front of the school.
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