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  1. EEG Waves
    • P
    • QRS
    • T
  2. How do you determine hemocrit?
  3. What is a "hemocytometer"?
  4. Dicrotic notch
    what is it and where is it found
  5. Which vessel has a greater diameter vein or artery?
  6. What is the normal range for basophils?
  7. What is the normal range for lymphocytes?
  8. What happens to the volume pulse when the finger is placed in cold water? Why?
  9. What happens to the volume pulse when the finger is placed in warm water? Why?
  10. What locations on the body can the pulse be taken?
  11. How do you determine the heart rate off of an EKG?
  12. Agranulocyte
  13. Heme
  14. Amplitude
  15. What effect does nicotine have on the periferial heart rate?
  16. What is the recepter for nicotine?
  17. Pulse pressure
  18. Spyrogmeter
  19. What equipment do you need to determine the hemocrit?
  20. What is the class average for neutorphils?
  21. Systolic
  22. Diastolic
  23. 135/86-which is systolic and which is diastolic?
    • 135: systolic
    • 86: diastolic

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Lab practical
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Lab practical

Lab practical
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