3 Jane and Mike Broke up!

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  1. When Ann found out that her B.F. cheated on her, she dropped him like a hot potato.
    • left him abruptly and finally, to end a romantic relationship with someone abruptly
    • dump someone
    • jilt
    • leave someone high and dry
    • run out on someone
    • walk out on someone
  2. When Pam divorced Doug, she took Doug to the Cleaners!
    • was awarded all his possessions
    • to acquire all of someone's possessions (or money) either dishonestly or in a court battle
  3. John and Anne had a big fight, but I'M sure they'll be able to patch things up.
    • reconcile one's differences
    • bury the hatchet
    • kiss and make up
    • talk it out
  4. It's a good idea to sign a pre-nup befote getting married. It can make things a lot easier if the marriage doesn't work out.
    contract specifying what each person gets in the event of a divorce
  5. Ted's father has a mistress? Does his mother know?
    Doesn't she mind sharing her husband?
    woman who enjoys having a continuing sexual relationship with a married man
  6. ginger goes to bed with a different guy every night. She's such a tramp!
    sexually promiscuous woman
  7. After ten years of marriage, Vivian and Al broke up!
    • end their relationship
    • break it off
    • come to a parting of the ways
    • split up
  8. Did you know Greg had an affair behind Cathy's back? I wonder who the other woman is.
    • secret romantic relationship with someone other than one's spouse
    • bed-hop (to)
    • fling (to have a)
    • get some on the side (to) or get a little on the side
    • mess around (to)
    • play around (to)
    • play musical beds (to)
    • some extracurricular activity (to do)
    • hanky-panky (n.) secretive sexual relations
  9. I'm not surprised Jim and Peg ended their relationship. Their marriage has been on the rocks for an long time.
    • not going well
    • shaky ground (to be on)
    • shaky (to be) adj.
  10. Scott was in bed with another woman when his wife came in and busted him!
    to discover someone doing something improper

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3 Jane and Mike Broke up!
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