Skeletal Muscles Origins and Insertions

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  1. Muscles of the trunk
    rectus abdominis
  2. Rectus abdominis origin
    superior surface of pubis around symphysis
  3. Rectus abdominis insertion
    • inferior surfaces of costal cartilages (ribs 5-7)
    • xiphoid process
  4. Rectus abdominis action
    • depresses ribs
    • flexes vertebral column
    • compresses abdomen
  5. Rectus abdominis nerve
    intercostal nerve
  6. Muscles that Position the Pectoral Girdle
    Levator scapulae
  7. Levator scapulae origin
    transverse process of first four cervical vertebra
  8. Levator scapulae insertion
    vertebral border of scapula near superior angle
  9. Levator scapulae action
    elevates scapula
  10. Levator scapulae nerve
    cervical and dorsal scapular nerve
  11. Muscles that Move the Arm at the Shoulder Joint
    Pectoralis major
  12. Pectoralis major origin
    • cartilages of ribs 2-6
    • body of sternum
    • inferior medial portion of clavicle
  13. Pectoralis major insertion
    • crest of greater tubercle
    • lateral lip of intertubercular groove on humerus
  14. Pectoralis major action
    flexion, adduction, and medial rotation at shoulder
  15. Pectoralis major nerve
    pectoral nerves
  16. Muscles that Move the Forearm at the Elbow Joint
    Biceps brachii
  17. Biceps brachii origin
    • short head from coracoid process (further out; scapula)
    • long head from supraglenoid tubercle
  18. Biceps brachii insertion
    tuberosity of radius
  19. Biceps brachii action
    • flexion at elbow and shoulder
    • supination
  20. Biceps brachii nerve
  21. Muscles that Move the Hand at the Wrist Joint
    Flexor carpi radialis
  22. Flexor carpi radialis origin
    medial epicondyle of humerus
  23. Flexor carpi radialis insertion
    base of second and third metacarpal bone
  24. Flexor carpi radialis action
    flexion and abduction at wrist
  25. Flexor carpi radialis nerve
    median nerve
  26. Muscles that Move the Thigh at the Hip Joint
  27. Sartorius origin
    anterior superior iliac spine
  28. Sartorius insertion
    medial surface of tibia near tibial tuerosity
  29. Sartorius action
    • flexion at knee
    • flexion and lateral rotation of hip
  30. Sartorius nerve
    femoral nerve
  31. Muscles that Move the Leg at the Knee Joint
    Biceps femoris
  32. Biceps femoris origin
    • long head from ischial tuberosity (bony part of butt)
    • short head from linea aspera of femur (line from a**)
  33. Biceps femoris insertion
    • head of fibula
    • lateral condyle of tibia
  34. Biceps femoris action
    • flexion of knee
    • extension and lateral rotation at hip
  35. Biceps femoris nerve
    sciatic nerve (runs down back of leg - big)
  36. Muscles that Move the Foot and Toes
  37. Gastrocnemius origin
    femoral condyles
  38. Gastrocnemius insertion
    calcaneus via calcaneal (Achilles) tendon
  39. Gastrocnemius action
    • extension (plantar flexion) at ankle
    • inversion of foot
    • flexion at knee
  40. Gastorcnmeiusnerve
    tibial nerve (part of sciatic)
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