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  1. Atentional Blink
    A reduced Ability to detect a second visual target when it follows closely the firest visual target.
  2. Covert attention:
    Attention to an object or sound in the absence of overt movements of relevant receptors (e.g looking at an object in the periphery of vision without moving one's eyes.
  3. Cross Modal attention:
    The coordination of attention across two or more modalities (e.g. vision and audition.
  4. Endogoenous Spatial Attention:
    Attentional to a given Spatial location determined by "voluntary" or goal directed mechanisims see exogenous spatial attention
  5. Exogenous Spatial attention:
    Attention to a given spatial location determined by " involuntay" mechanisims triggered by external stimuli (e.g. loud noise); see endogenous spatial
  6. Extinction
    A disorder of visual attention in which a stimulas presented to the side opposie the brain damage is not detected when another stimulas is presented at the same time to the same side as the brain damage.
  7. Focused Attention;
    A situation in which individuals try to attend to only one source of information while ignoring other stimuli; also known as selective attention.
  8. Inhibition of return
    A reduced probability of visual attention returning to a previously attented location or a object.
  9. Psychological refactory period (PRP) effect -
    the slowing of the response to the second of two stimuli when they are presented close together in time.
  10. Simultanagosia
    A brain damaged condition in which one object can be seen at a time.
  11. Stroop Effect
    The finding that naming of the colours in which words are printed is slower when the words are conflicting color words (e.g. the word red printed in green)
  12. Underadditivity
    The finding that brain activation when two tasks are performed together is less than the sum of the brain activation when they are performed singly.
  13. Ventrilogquist Illusion:
    The mistaken perception that sounds are coming from their apparent visual source in ventriloquism
  14. Visual Search
    A task involving the rapid detection of a specified target stimulas within a visual display
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