Skeletal Muscle Tissue

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  1. Skeletal muscle functions
    • produce skeletal movement
    • maintain posture and body position
    • support soft tissue
    • guard entrance and exits
    • maintain body temperature
  2. Epimysium
    surrounds entire gross muscle (outermost covering)
  3. Perimysium
    • divides the skeletal muscles into smaller compartments
    • each compartment contains a bundle of fibers referred to as a fascicle
    • covers muscle fascicles
  4. Endomysium
    • thin sheet of connective tissue that surrounds each individual muscle fiber.
    • Lies just over the cell membrane (NOT the cell membrane or sarcolemma)
    • covers muscle fibers
  5. Tendon
    connective tissue that connects muscle to bone
  6. Ligament
    connective tissue that connects bone to bone
  7. Muscle fiber
    • muscle cell which is usually spindle shaped and multinucleated
    • surrounded by endomysium
  8. Sarcolemma
    plasma membrane of a muscle fiber
  9. Sarcoplasm
    cytoplasm of muscle fiber (fluid floating around in fiber)
  10. Transverse (T) tubules
    • deep invaginations of sarcolemma into the sarcoplasm
    • stuff outside can go in
  11. Myofibril
    next level down from (pulling things out of) muscle fiber
  12. Myofilament
    • smallest unit
    • made of thick and thin myofilaments
  13. Thick myofilament
    chiefly composed of the protein myosin
  14. Thin myofilament
    chiefly composed of the protein actin
  15. Sarcoplasmic reticulum
    • internal membrane complex
    • sealed organelle
    • reservoir for calcium ions
  16. Terminal cisternae
    • either side of T tubule running perpendicular to muscle fiber's length
    • reservoirs for calcium ions
  17. Sarcomere
    functional contractile unit of muscle (unit of contraction)
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