ch 9.1 heart terms

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  1. aortic valve
    semilunar valve that prevents backflow of blood from aorta to heart
  2. apex
    rounded tip of heart, pointing left and downward
  3. atrial appendage
    ear-shaped continuation of left and right upper part of atria
  4. atrioventricular node (AV node)
    located in right atrium near lower portion of interatrial septum and composed of small mass of atypial cardiac muscle tissue
  5. atrioventricular valves
    valves betwee atria and ventricles of heart (left valve is bicuspid or mitral valve and right valve is tricuspid in some species)
  6. atrium
    left or right upper chamber of heart
  7. bundle of His (atrioventricular bundle)
    band of specialized cardiac muscle fibers that arise in atrioventricular node and branch down on both sides of interventricular septum, transmitting atrial contraction rhythm to ventricles
  8. chordae tendineae
    tendinous strings resembling cords that extend from cusps of atrioventricular valves to papillary muscles of heart
  9. conus arteriousus (infundibulum of the heart)
    upper, anterior angle of right ventricle where pulmonary artery begins
  10. cor
  11. coronary arteries and veins
    blood vessels of the heart
  12. cusp
    leafletlike segment of cardiac valve
  13. diastole
    relaxation stage of heart action
  14. ductus arteriosus
    blood vessel present in fetal circulation that connects pulmonary artery to descending aorta
  15. endocardium
    endothelial membrane lining chambers of heart
  16. epicardium
    outermost serous layer covering heart
  17. foramen ovale
    opening between atria in fetal heart, normally closed after birth
  18. interventricular
    between ventricles
  19. myocardium
    thick middle muscle layer of heart wall
  20. pacemaker
    sinoatrial node, which initiates heartbeat and regulates its rate
  21. pericardium
    external layer of membrane covering heart
  22. pulmonary valve
    valve at base of pulmonary artery (semilunar valve)
  23. Purkinje fibers
    specialized cardiac muscle fibers that are involved in impulse-conducting system of heart
  24. semilunar valves
    the half-moon-shaped valves at base of pulmonary artery and aorta
  25. sinoatrial node
    initiates heartbeat and regulates its rate (pacemaker)
  26. systole
    contraction stage of heart action
  27. valves
    membranous structures in passages that close to prevent reflux of contents
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