ch 9.2 blood terms

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  1. antibody
    protein substance formed in lymphoid tissue that interacts with specific antigen to protect body
  2. antigen
    substance that triggers formation of specific antibodies, which react against antigen
  3. basophil
    cell that stains with basic dyes
  4. capillary
    small blood vessel that connects arterioles with venules, forming vast network throughout body
  5. eosinophil
    cell that stains readily with orange or yellow acid eosin dyes
  6. erythrocyte
    red blood cell
  7. erythropoiesis
    red blood cell production
  8. granulocyte
    cell containing granules (leukocytes with cytoplasmic granules of neutrophils, basophils or eosinophils)
  9. granulocytopoiesis
    production of granulocytes
  10. hematopoiesis
    • production of red blood cells
    • (hemopoiesis)
  11. heme
    insoluble, nonprotein, iron-containing portion of hemoglobin
  12. hemoglobin
    iron-containing red pigment (heme) that combines with protein substance (globin), giving blood its red color
  13. heparin
    anticoagulant substance
  14. leukocyte
    white blood cell
  15. leukocytopoiesis
    leukocyte production (leukopoeisis)
  16. lymphocyte
    clear, nongranular leukocyte with single, round nucleus that functions in phagocytosis and antibody formation
  17. lymphopoiesis
    production of lymphocytes
  18. macrocyte
    abnormally large erythrocyte
  19. megakaryocyte
    giant cell of bone marrow that produces mature blood platelets
  20. monocyte
    phagocytic, mononuclear white blood cell (leukocyte)
  21. monocytopoiesis
    formation of monocytes
  22. neutrophil
    neutral dye-staining granular leukocyte containing lobed nucleus (polymorphonuclear leukocyte)
  23. phagocytosis
    ingestion and destruction of microorganisms, cells, and foreign matter
  24. plasma
    liquid portion of blood
  25. plasmocyte
    plasma cell
  26. platelet
    disklike, nonnucleated element in blood, originating in red bone marrow and necessary for blood coagulation (thrombocyte)
  27. prothrombin
    factor in blood plasma that converts to thrombin and is part of blood-clotting mechanism
  28. reticulocyte
    immature red blood cell, which shows basophilic reticulum (network) under vital staining
  29. serum
    blood plasma without the clotting elements
  30. sinusoid
    large, variable, anastomosing, terminal blood vessel with reticuloendothelium lining, found in organs such as liver and spleen
  31. thrombin
    activated prothrombin; changes fibrinogen to fibrin
  32. thrombocyte
    blood platelet
  33. thromboplastin
    substance in blood and body tissue that aids in converting prothrombin to thrombin
  34. tunica
    outer covering or lining of organ or body part
  35. tunica adventitia
    fibrous elastic outer covering of blood vessels
  36. tunica intima
    inner coat of blood vessel
  37. tunica media
    middle coat of blood vessel
  38. vas
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