ch 9.7 leukemias and hereditary, congenital and developmental disorders

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  1. aleukemic leukemia
    leukemia in which white blood cell count is normal or below normal
  2. leukemia
    malignant, progressive disease, marked by abnormal increase in leukocyte production and decrease in erythrocytes and platelets, causing anemia and vulnerability to infection and hemorrhage classified by: (1) acute or chronic type, (2) cell type involved (myeloid, lymphoid, or monocytic) and (3) increase or nonincrease of abnormal cells
  3. lymphatic leukemia
    leukemia combined with hyperplasia and overactivity of lymphoid tissue (lymphocitic leukemia, lymphoid leukemia)
  4. monocytic leukemia
    leukemia in which monocytes are predominant white blood cells
  5. myeloblastic leukemia
    leukemia in which myeloblasts are preominant white blood cells
  6. stem cell leukemia
    leukemia that is difficult to type because prevailing cell is too immature and may be lymphoblasts, myeloblasts or monoblasts
  7. hemophilia
    hereditary disease of dogs in which there is deficiency in clotting of blood
  8. patent ductus arteriosus
    duct between left pulmonary artery and descending aorta in fetus that closes normally at birth
  9. pulmonary stenosis
    narrowing of passage between pulmonary artery and right ventricle
  10. tetralogy of Fallot or Fallot's tetrad
    group of four cardiac anomalies including pulmonary stenosis, dextroposition of aorta, interventricular septal defect, and maked hypertrophy of right ventrical
  11. von Willebrand's disease
    clotting disorder found in Dobermans, German shepherds and certain other breeds
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