Lab 5 Muscles

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  1. Function of the Buccinator?
    Compresses Cheeks
  2. Function of the Mentalis?
    Elevates & Protrudes Lower Lip
  3. Function of the Orbicularis Oris?
    Compresses, Purses Lips
  4. Function of the Zygomatic Major?
    Retracts & Elevates corner of mouth
  5. Function of the Orbicularis Oculi?
    Closes Eye
  6. Function of the Frontal Belly?
    Raises Eyebrows, Wrinkles Forehead
  7. Function of the Occipital Belly?
    Tenses & Retracts Scalp
  8. Function of the Platsyma?
    • Tenses skin of neck
    • Depresses Mandible
  9. Function of the Masseter?
    Elevates Mandible & Closes the Jaw
  10. Function of the Temporalis?
    Elevates Mandible
  11. Function of the Sternocleidomastoid?
    • Flex the Neck
    • Bends Head towards Shoulder
    • Turns Face to Opposite Side
  12. Function of the Spinalis Thoracis?
    Extends Vertebral Column
  13. Function of the Longissimus?
    • Rotates & Laterally flexes Neck to that side
    • Extends Vertebral Column; each produces Lateral Flexion to that side.
  14. Function of the Illocastalis?
    • Extends or Laterally flxess the neck, Elevates Ribs
    • Stabilizes Thoracic Vertebrae in extension
    • Extends Vertebral Column
    • Depresses Ribs
  15. Function of the External Intercostals?
    Elevate Ribs
  16. Finction of the Internal Intercostals?
    Depress Ribs
  17. Function of the Transversus Abdominis?
    Compresses Abdomen
  18. Function of the Internal Oblique?
    • Compresses Abdomen
    • Depresses Ribs
    • Flexes or Bends the Spine
  19. Function of the External Obilique?
    • Compresses Abdomen
    • Depresses Ribs
    • Flexes or Bends the Spine
  20. Function of the Diaphragm?
    • Expand Thoracic Cavity
    • Compress Abdominopelvic Cavity
    • Breathing
  21. Function of the Rectus Abdominus?
    • Depresses Ribs
    • Flexes Vertebral Column
    • Compresses Abdomen
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