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  1. Equations for WORK
    WORK = force * distance
  2. Efficiency of work
    Work out / Work in
  3. Pressure Equation
    Pressure = force applied / area

    in a hydraulic pressure system, hydraulic pressure is constant while area is the variable that will change
  4. Three ways heat transfer
    • 1. conduction
    • 2. convection
    • 3. radiation

    • heat moves from hot to cold
    • the larger the difference of heat transfer the faster heat is moving
  5. series circuit and christmas tree lights
    if one light goes they all go
  6. Torgue equation
    torque = force * distance
  7. mechanical advantage
    a ratio load:effort

    MA = Effort arm / resistance arm
  8. shallow slope
    provides a better M.A

    slope length/ slope height = M.A
  9. Pythagorean Theorem
    a^2 + b^2 = c^2
  10. area of a triangle
    A = 1/2 bh
  11. Volume
    V= l*w*h
  12. area of a circle
    A= pie r^2
  13. circumference or perimeter of a circle
    pie * diameter

    pie * radius square
  14. volume of a cube
    V = sides ^3
  15. Volume of a cylinder
    V= pie * radius square * height
  16. y = mx + b
    m = slope which is rise / run

    b is intercept
  17. gears
    (revolution of gear A) (teeth of A) = revolution of gear B) (teeth of gear B)
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