ch 10.4 surgical, laboratory and examination procedures

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  1. cordectomy
    excision of all or part of vocal cord (debarking)
  2. intubation
    insertion of tube into airway to clear it of obstruction, named for location of insertion (eg, oral, nasal, endotracheal)
  3. laryngscope
    instrument for examining larynx
  4. laryngostomy
    creating permanent opening in larynx through neck
  5. pneumocentesis
    puncture of lung for aspirating fluid
  6. tracheostomy
    creation of artificial opening into trachea through neck (tracheotomy)
  7. auscultation
    listening to sounds within the body
  8. bronchoscopy
    examination of bronchi by means of a bronchoscope (fiberoptic flexible tupe or endoscope inserted through mouth or trachea)
  9. chest X ray
    examination to determine presence of lung disease
  10. endoscopy
    examination using endoscope (flexible tube with light and refracting mirrors) to examine larynx and esophagus
  11. laryngoscopy
    examination of larynx and upper trachea using laryngoscope (an endoscope) to detect tumors and other abnormalities
  12. lung scan
    visualization procedures involving intravenous injection of radioactive material to diagnose pulmonary abnormalities
  13. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    noninvasive method of scanning body by use of electromagnetic field and radio waves; provides visual images on computer screen and magnetic tape recordings (nuclear magnetic resonance)
  14. percussion
    use of light, sharp taps to chest surfaces to detect abnormalities by sound produced
  15. throat culture
    incubation, in growth medium, of material taken from throat surfaces to determine presence and type of infection
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