bio ch 3

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bio ch 3
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bio ch 3

bio ch 3
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  1. what is energy
    ability to perform work or to produce change
  2. kinetic energy
    energy of motion
  3. potential energy
    energy available to do work
  4. energetics
    • how organisms take in, process, and expend energy
    • how organisms use energy to maintain order and life
  5. heat
    random movements of atoms and molecules
  6. entropy
    disorder and randomness in a system
  7. reactants
    the starting substances
  8. products
    the newly formed substances
  9. energy-releasing reaction
    give off energy, source-breaking/changing of chemical bonds
  10. energy-absorbing reactions
    take in energy and store it in new chemical bonds, most cellular reactions that maintain order
  11. the power for a cell's energy-absorbing reaction comes from the ____________
    cell's energy-releasing reactions
  12. ATP
    • Adenosine Tri Phosphate
    • cellular energy carrying molecule
  13. cells use ATP as _______
    packaged amounts of energy
  14. for all chemical reactions reactants are separated from products by an ____
    energy barrier
  15. activation energy
    the energy required to overcome the barrier
  16. enzymes
    proteins that work to speed up reactions by lowering the energy barrier (catalyst)