Vet tech intro test #3

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  1. Benign
    slow growth, not malignant
  2. biopsy
    remove tissue for an examination
  3. cyst
    bladder or a sac containing fluid or semifluid
  4. ectopic
    outside its normal location
  5. Endocystoscopy
    examination of inside the bladder
  6. Endogenous
    originating inside a cell
  7. dorsal
    near or on the back
  8. ventral
    near or on the belly
  9. midline
    divides the body into right and left halves
  10. lateral
    farther from the midline
  11. medial
    nearer to the midline
  12. distal
    fartherest from the attachment to the trunk
  13. proximal
    nearest to th eattachment to the trunk
  14. epigastric
    region of the belly over the stomach
  15. hypodermic
    under the skin
  16. infiltration
    spreading by slipping into or between normal body cells
  17. malignant
    grows fast and is life threatening
  18. Metastasis
    movement of cells(especially cancer cells) from one part of the body to another
  19. lesion
    an area of unhealthy tissue
  20. neoplasm
    new formation of tissue
  21. Papilla
    small nipple like elevation
  22. Papules
    a pimple
  23. Papilloma
    a hypertrophied papilla covered by a layer of skin in the shape of a nipple
  24. Polyp
    a tumor with a little foot or stem
  25. Tumor
    a neoplasm growing in or on the human body can be malignant or benign
  26. describe the program the AVMA has for veterinarians and technicans battling substance abuse
    AVMA Model Program to assist Chemically impaired Veterinarians, Veterinary students, Veterinary technicians, and their families. The program is to help before they harm a patient, lose their license, or their life.
  27. Why is it best to avoid an office romance
    Damage to staff teamwork and trust will oftem occur. The other staff will start to feel like their at a unfair disadvantage.
  28. Fx
  29. Hx
  30. HCT
  31. Px
    physical exam
  32. Dx
  33. CRT
    capillary refill time
  34. AHT
    animal health technician
  35. CAHT
    certified animal health technician
  36. RAHT
    registered animal health technician
  37. LVMT
    licensed veterinary medical technician
  38. PES
    professional exam service
  39. IRS
    interstate report service
  40. Ram
    male ovine
  41. Ewe
    female ovine
  42. Wether
    castrated male ovine
  43. Doe
    female caprine
  44. buck
    male caprine
  45. nausea
    sickness of the stomach with a desire to vomit.
  46. anorexia
    loss of appetite
  47. malaise
    a vague sensation of not feeling well
  48. hypothermia
    below normal body temp
  49. antipyretic
    an agent that works against fever
  50. Asymptomatic
    no symptoms
  51. peripheral
    outer surface of the body
  52. Bradypnea
    very slow breathing
  53. Melanocarcinoma
    a black pigmented malignant tumor
  54. localized
    a small area or part of the body
  55. Generalized
    involving the whole body
  56. Tinnitus
    ringing in the ears
  57. prognosis
    prediction of the course and outcome of the disease
  58. acute
    sharp, severe, having a rapid onset and a short course
  59. chronic
    long drawn out
  60. diagnosis
    identified the patients illness
  61. Dyspnea
    suddenly recurring episode of difficult breathing
  62. syndrome
    a group of symptoms that occur together and thus characteize a specific disease
  63. Phlebitis
    inflammation into the vein
  64. Chondrodysplasia
    bad developement of cartilage
  65. micrometer
    instrument for measuring the diameter of something microscopic
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