botany terms

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  1. epidermis
    outermost tissue in all young and nonwoody plant organs
  2. cell wall
    outermost boundary of a plant cell,rigid, gives support
  3. abaxial
    lower surface of a leaf

  4. accessory pigment
    absorb energy that chlorophyll a does not absorb

  5. adaxial
    top side of leaf
  6. polysaccharide cellulose
    make up most of plant cell walls
  7. lignin
    make up secondary cell walls
  8. middle lamella
    • an intercellular glue composed of pectins, that holds the cell walls of neighboring cells together. The middle lamella is most pronounced when the corners of plant cells adjoin
  9. chloroplasts
    • spherical bright green discs that appear to hug the interior side of the cell wall
    • sites of photosynthesis

  10. nucleus
    • a perfect sphere and clearly outlined by the nuclear envelope, a double membrane layer. It is larger than a chloroplast, and it may be adjacent to the wall or somewhere in the center of the cell
  11. central vacuole
    fluid filled sac, storage of various substances
  12. tonoplast
    vacuoler membrane
  13. plastids
    • any of a class of small organelles in the cytoplasm of plant cells, containing pigment or food
  14. elaioplasts
    plastid that accumulates lipids
  15. amyoplasts
    plastid that accumulates startch grains
  16. chromoplasts
    contain the pigments of yellow, orange, or red
  17. plasmodesmata
    interconnect plant cells and allow for transport of nutrients of water from cell to cell
  18. raphides
    needle like crystals in cell wall
  19. druse
    star shaped crystal of calcium oxalate
  20. cystolithe
    plant crystal (cell rock)
  21. dermal tissue
    outermost layer in a plant
  22. ground tissue
    make up bulk of nonwoody plant organs
  23. parenchyma
    perform many different functions, Image Upload
  24. collenchyma
    primary support tissue in young plant organs,elongated cells Image Upload
  25. sclerenchyma
    Image Upload
  26. cutin
    wax like material that prevents water loss from plants
  27. stomata
    • allow for the exchange of gases
    • Image Upload
  28. gaurd cells
    regulate stomata, located on both sides of stomata
  29. periderm
    replaces the epidermis on plants that have secondary growth
  30. trichomes
    hair like structures that occur in the epidermis of many plants
  31. xylem
    • conduct water and minerals upward from the root
    • Image Upload
  32. phloem
    • conducts organic matter through out the plant
    • Image Upload
  33. seive tube members
    cells involved in trasporting organin materials in the phloem
  34. sieve plates
    pores that connect the seive tube members
  35. companion cell
    • functions in loading orunloading organic material into the sieve
    • tube member before and after transport
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