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  1. Inherent Edges
    stable, permanent edge determined by long term natural features & conditions
  2. Induced Edges
    an edge that results from a disturbance
  3. Ecotone
    transition zone between two structurally different communities
  4. Edge Species
    species restricted exclusively to the edge or border
  5. Edge Effect
    response of organisms, animals in particular, to environmental conditions created by edge
  6. Interior Species
    organisms that require large areas of habitat
  7. Corridors
    connect patches of similar habitat, enhancing the ability of organisms to move among patches of their habitat
  8. Filter Effect
    corridors that provide dispersal routes for some species but restrict the movement of others
  9. Disturbance
    fire, windstorm, flood etc that disrupts community structure and function
  10. Intensity
    measured by the proportion of total biomass, or populaton of a species, that the disturbance kills or eliminates
  11. Scale
    refers to the spatial extent of the impact of the disturbance relative to the size of the affected landscape
  12. Frequency
    average number of disturbances that occur within a particular time interval
  13. Gap
    an opening that becomes a site of localized regeneration and growth within the community
  14. Re-absorption
    recycling nutrients within the plant
  15. Decomposition
    the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal actions
  16. Photosynthesis
    process by which green plants use sunlight to convert to chemical energy (glucose)

    CO2, water, and light to make glucose, O2 and water
  17. Cellular Respiration
    the harvesting of energy from organic compounds(glucose) stored as ATP for use in energy requiring activities
  18. Net Photosynthesis
    rate of carbon fixation during photosynthesis - rate of carbon dixiode lost during respiraton
  19. Mesophyll
    tissue found in the interior of leaves
  20. Stomata
    tiny pore in the plant leaf that regulates opening and closing
  21. Diffusion
    movement of a substance from areas of higher to lower concentration
  22. Drought Decidious
    characteristic of some plants in the tropical region to drop their leavesat the onset of the dry season
  23. Pneumatophores
    "knees" specialized growths of the root system
  24. halophytes
    terrestrial plant adapted morphologically to grow in salt-rich soils
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