Week 7

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    • Street Light
    • Balla
    • 1909
    • Futurism
    • pure urbanism
    • technology = subject - - moon vs streetlight as source of light
    • complimentary colors make up chevrons which gives the sensation of radiation of light
    • optical illusion of vibrating light rays
    • paints more than you can see/than exists
    • circular pattern creates halo
    • light is fighting back ring of darkness
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    • Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash
    • Balla
    • 1912
    • Futurism
    • achieves motion by repeating shapes
    • multiple views - transition
    • space is flattened - location is unclear
    • diagonal lines along floor suggest movement
    • representation of energy - kinetic/potential held in the dog/walker
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    • Unique Forms of Continuity in Space
    • Boccioni
    • 1913
    • Futurism
    • everything moves around you as you move
    • influenced by cubism - planes are broken up/down
    • contours are not smooth
    • no beginning or end
    • meant to be viewed 360 degrees
    • wide stride, flame-like extensions of calves
    • superhuman of the future
    • NOT about the beauty of the human form
    • ABOUT possibility - what the body could do/is capable of doing
    • no arms because it is about forward motion and they do not help with that
    • 2 bases not connected because the feet are in 2 different times
    • faceless - embracing technology
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    • Armored Train in Action
    • Gino Severini
    • 1915
    • Futurism
    • war is a motor for art - - celebrated war because artists thought it could generate a new Italian identity
    • high-tech armored train pointing guns at unseen target
    • 5 faceless figures
    • smoke from gun/canon fire eclipse nature
    • omits death/destruction/consequences of war
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    • Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance
    • Jean Arp
    • 1916-1917
    • Dada
    • embrace chance as an approach/subject
    • haphazardly drops torn up paper on canvas and glued them down
    • He and other Dada artists embraced the notion of chance as a way of relinquishing control—a kind of depersonalization of the creative process
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    • Fountain
    • Duchamp
    • 1917
    • Dada
    • Readymades
    • creates new thought for object
    • merges high/low art (like cubism)
    • urinal becomes art because it is presented as so - thought behind object is more important than object itself
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    • L.H.O.O.Q.
    • Duchamp
    • 1917 Dada
    • Word play: "look" or "She has a hot ass"
    • imagery - bad reproduction
    • brings up the question, "Why are some works of art important?" as well as value, originality
    • recontextualizes painting
    • plays with gender - a self-portrait perhaps?
  8. Futurism
    • movement began in 1908 in the literature medium
    • sociopolitical agenda - unhappy with political and cultural decline in Italy
    • dynamic sensation
    • declare break from tradition - advent of new awareness
    • spatial conceptions of past were destroyed
    • called for radical innovation in art
    • *speed, dynamics, and modern technology*
    • reject traditional perspective/color palettes
    • FORMAL ELEMENTS: multiple viewpoints, breaking things down geometrically, flattening space TO SHOW MOTION
    • forms are in transition
  9. Manifesto
    • extreme in rhetoric
    • address wider issues such as political systems
    • gives a means of expressing, publicizing and recording ideas of the artist or art group
    • The first art manifesto of the 20th century was introduced with the Futurists in Italy in 1909, and readily taken up by the Vorticists, Dadaists and the Surrealists after them: the period up to World War II created what are still the best known manifestos.
  10. Dada
    • international movement
    • began in Cabaret Voltaire
    • multiple art forms/mediums - performance, song, writing, art
    • world has descending into the absurd/meaningless
    • reject rational/reasonable because that was the root of WWI
    • "Era of Irrationality"
    • What to do when logic betrays you? EMBRACE ILLOGICAL/RADICAL
    • name has multiple interpretations (like art)
    • art against art
  11. Cabaret Voltaire
    • formed by Hugo Ball
    • theatre/ club to draw artists together - especially the Dada movement
    • not a formal style but instead a mindset/idea related to nihilism (pointlessness)
    • nothing can be known the way you really intend it to be
  12. Readymades
    • made by Duchamp (Dada)
    • art should appeal to mind, not senses
    • take ordinary, found (mass produced) objects and put them in new context - becomes a piece of art because artist selects them and incorporates them into art world
    • conceptual art - idea itself is more important than art because it makes you think
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