Mass Media

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  1. Phi Phenomenon
    constructive light sources apear to be one source that moves
  2. Persistance of Vision
    seeing an image for a split second after it has disappeared
  3. Maybridge's Galloping Horse
    24 camers, 1 photo each... to see if horse has all 4 feet off of the ground.
  4. Kinetoscope
    camera + viewing device
  5. Edison's Vitascope Projector
    Movie theater like
  6. Narrative Flim
    The Great Train Robbery
  7. Nickoldeons
    50 -60 seats and 5 cents to get in
  8. Griffith
    • Birth of the Nations
    • 3 hrs, $110,000 to produce
  9. George and Noble Johnson
    • The Relationship of the Negro's Ambition
    • 1st African American Flim
  10. MPPC
    Motion Picture Patents Company
  11. Block Booking
    drawing people to your theater that only shows your flims
  12. The Jazz Singer
    1st flim with sound
  13. Studio Years
    Warner Brothers, Universal, Columbia, 20th Century Fox
  14. Flim Rating System
    G- PG- R- X/NC
  15. 7 Firms Dominate
    sony, disney, warner brothers, fox, mgm, universal, paramount
  16. Multiplex Theaters
    • 12-18 screens
    • single consession stand
    • 200-400 people a day
  17. Pre-Production
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